I've been jobless since September of 2008. I went from working for a year where I made 8.50 an hour to up and quitting and having no income whatsoever. I still live with my mother so its not like I have bills to pay for but its nice to know I'm going to be working for what I earned. For so long I've relyed on other people to do things for me whether it be driving me somewhere and until I lost my job it involved them buying everything for me.

Finally I will be able to provide and work for myself. Anything I have the desire to possess I HAVE THAT DECISION! I dont have to ask someone if it's okay that they get me something. I dont have to hesitate if I feel like its too expensive because I earned it.

Lately I can honestly say I've had it pretty much made not having to work and all. I just am so happy I got this oppertunity to make some money. I feel better about myself already!!

dreamdriven dreamdriven
Aug 21, 2009