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I let a lil Asian womman massage and pummel me yesterday and today I can barely move. Well worth the $19.95 I spent. The damn ad was in the Union Democrat. "Asian massage-women only - $19.95" I thought what the hell? There is only one Asian in the whole county ! {Frank} . Sonora, Stockton Rd. Shabby building, "KEEP OUT" signs on front. Giggling Asian gal answers the door and asks if we want egg rolls....    Silly stuff and not only did I get straddled by an agile giggling person, she beat me black and blue and I laughed all the way home! woo                                                                         Peaceout
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You should try Jillian's Day Spa in Murphys

It was the first massage that I payed for.

Hey thats great .iI would have given $20 for a good massage. They are so good for you!

My daughter decided we needed massages. I founf this cheap place instead of the expensive spa where she wanted to go. I got beat and she said it sounded like Rocky beating a side of beef. She got some kind of stretching massage and I could hear her bones cracking!<br />

Sounds like Shiatsu Massage...hurts like xxxxxx but really gets the stree out of your muscles. Whatever it was...sounds like it worked well for you...sorry about the black and blues though.

OK Indy, thanks!

Well, let me know if you are ever in Northern Indiana. I have a table and strong hands. But I would never discriminate. Men or women are welcome.

You know Indy, that is the only reason I went. If it had been just "Asian Massage" I might have thought it was one of those nasty places.....

LOL<br />
<br />
Hey!!! Women only? I feel cheated.