Nissan Note

I have bought recently new Nissan Note 1,4 Acenta. How about it??? Generally, it is a good car. Of course, all first impression is totally disrupted by curious actions of electronics devices. I have got well experiences. Comparing to Fiat Palio, which we were before, it is wonderful car, despite of fact of weaker engine. But all those systems are wonderful. It is good, we can attach into it electric devuces as CB, bluetooth phone and many other. An air conditioning makes journey more comfortable. What is funny, there is many of indicators, especially those about direct safety of people sitting in this car. Only funny s that there is a twin brother of Renault Modus(Maybe you know French cars are among those the most refusive cars of world), but only seeing in the outside. Inside is all Japaneese. We are able to go ober 100 km. with high temperature outside, while inse air conditioning working and we don't feel tiring at all. It is not too fast car, but there is not the most important. The most important thing is to have got big luggage compartment, well organised passenger cabin and plenty of comfort devices as 12v power sockets, nice radio with CD. Very nice car. And service in the saloon....wonderful.
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May 3, 2012