For My Birthday, My Husband Got Me...

A Prius!

I turned 29 on Sunday, so my husband took me hiking in the state park, which was amazing and gorgeous, and when we got back to the house, there was a gorgeous blue Prius in the driveway. He'd had it delivered while we were out. Up until this point, we only had one car, his Sentra, and I would have to drive him an hour to his work then an hour back (unless I stayed up there the whole day) and then drive another hour there and back to pick him up. Now he can drive himself and I can have 4 more hours to get household stuff done, especially now that we're redoing the whole house. I could hardly believe it. I've never owned a car before, and this is the most expensive gift I've ever received. I nearly cried because it was so sweet. I married an amazing man.

We got out of our grubbies and into date night clothes, and I drove my new car. Then we went to a restaurant on the cliffside overlooking the ocean (it's hard to not find an amazing view around here) for an early evening dinner, so we caught the very beginning of the sunset. I had a salad, roasted beets, and carrot risotto (hubby had something similar) and we split a chocolate souffle as my "cake." Then we watched the rest of the sunset from our deck.

He really knows how to get me to swoon.
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

You never forget the first car you can really call your own. It's a beautiful gift for a birthday, from a man who obviously loves you and wants to keep you as mobile as can be - when so many husbands try to keep their women under close supervision. He loves you and wants you to be yourself. A wonderful relationship, obviously.

I was picky with who I married. I would never marry someone who thought children were a biological task or that a hymen makes someone a woman or not. I actually married a good man.

Yes, you did. I hope you realize how much you, of all people, are lucky to have him.