Daycare Center $7.50 Per Hour

I'm a college grad. First, let me say that I know people are still looking for jobs, and that times are hard, and everyone's struggling....STILL, I need to get this off my chest.  Where I'm working is a lot of work for little pay--because they're dealing with babies and children: infants to 4 year olds.

Not only that but
-they want me to pay $50 for a uniform
-$50 for fingerprinting
-$8 for some other sort of fee.
Plus split-shifts (boooo!).

So I already start the day off owing them money: for at least 2-3 days. THE FUNNIEST PART: they want a copy of my college degree. My degree--Are you kidding me?! LOL There's no point in bringing up the college degree, if they're going to pay you the same rate as high school drop out. All its for is to show the parents: "Yes, all are people are college educated and certified. We have a copy of all their degrees on file."
What a joke. Life's GOT to get better. I need a job--a real job. Cause Sally Mae--ain't gonna pay herself.

Edit: I left this job the next day.  I took a different job instead. And worked at the different job for a year. Later on, guess what! This same daycare center^ illegally closed down: they took the parents' money and closed down without telling their employees. They workers found out they were unemployed when they came the next morning to a dark, looted daycare center.  In fact, some of the employees social security information was stolen. Good thing I trusted my gut (I didnt the like my boss at the daycare center first day I saw her).  I was saved!
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That's frustrating. Have you thought about waitressing, bar tending, secretarial work? I'm sure you've already explored these options. College grads making minimum wage makes me sick... Good luck.

Hopefully life will get better - it has for me.

Yep, that's my advice to the wise: Go to school with a REAL major, GTFO, and make some money. Dont be in loser town, taking any job if you can help it. If you HAVE to, before you find something better--fine--but keep looking. Or else your education goes to waste.

I agree, that's why I'm doing that while I'm in school, have some pocket change. Places down here, you don't need a degree, you just have to be in school for childcare.