I've been out of college and looking for a job for eight months now, and I finally got one on Wednesday! It's a seasonal job, but it's still a job nonetheless!  There is a possibility that it could turn into a permanent, full-time job.  I am a call center agent at Gaylord Opryland!  I have been applying to jobs in two main fields:  mental health (in order to match my psychology major) and call center jobs (in order to match my experience).  I went in for my interview on Wednesday afternoon.  It was a group interview, something I had never done before.  I actually liked it.  Since they asked each question to the entire group, I had time to think about my answers while the other candidates were answering.  The one time that I had to answer first, the question was actually pretty easy.  After it was over, the interviewers went into another room to discuss things.  When they came back, they said we're all hired!  I was in shock for a minute or two; I'm so used to being rejected at interviews that the idea that they actually hired me was unbelievable!  I wanted to scream, "WOOHOO!!!" at the top of my lungs, but I controlled myself.  I also wasn't expecting to get offered the job the same day as the interview...that has NEVER happened before!

Anyway, I start the Monday after next.  There's two days of orientation and a couple weeks of training.  I've heard that this company is a great place to work too.  There are tons of great amenities.  All employees get a free cafeteria lunch and a free fitness room, both of which I'll be using.  I love call center work too.  I can't wait!

RopinTexan RopinTexan
22-25, M
Aug 18, 2012