Goodbye to This Hell Hole!!

So I got offered a much better position with a company that is in the field that I am majoring in at school.  I tell my GM tomorrow since he is out of town.  I am sooooooo excited!!!!  Much more money and much better benefits!!!  Plus it will push me further into a direction that I want to go with marketing.  Just nervous about telling my current employer.  He's been piling on responsibilities but the money isn't there.  And he's told me before that he can't get the money approved.  So why feel like I am wasting my life away when I can move on to bigger and better!! 
IrishEyes IrishEyes
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2 Responses Sep 12, 2007

Congrats! Don't be nervous about telling your employer. It can be awkward, but it's nothing personal and I'm sure your boss will realize you're just trying to move up in the world.

I can relate to this as I've been there, done that