So Happy I Could Just About Die. Or Scream. Or Scream and Then Die.

That title pretty much sums it up. I'm going to be making more money doing something I love, and I don't have to do selling of any sort and I don't have to do customer service.

To hell with Rollaids. Relief is spelled J-O-B.

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Fantastic! I too recently got a job in which there is ZERO customer service or answering phones and selling junk. I'm so happy for you, I hope you'll hold onto this position and never let it go! So many people I know would love to not have to deal with dumb*** customers.

Hey, I just found this story! Congrats, V! :D<br />
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I'm so happy that things are looking up for you. Just goes to prove that old saying about the clouds and the silver lining! ;)

Your unemployment status and expecting one had crossed my mind with concern. I guess that could be considered vibes. I am seriously happy for you and think it is a result of your incredible charm.

GOOD NEWS TO HEAR!!! Too bad we might get to see much of you on here though, but oh well, just means you'll be taking care of yourself and the family! *bouncing* Yaaay for V!!!

that's great news! Congratuations. I hope you celebrated.

YAY! you may not have known but i was pulling for you. and i'm so excited and happy to hear that you've not only found another job, but found a MUCH better job :D<br />
congratulations! even if it will mean less of you around here, it's good to know you'll be doing alright :)

I pretty much described it in the comments here, Grits. I start on Thursday the 18th.

What are you gonna be doing?

To everyone: thanks so much. It's pretty cool to share the good news with all of my friends, both the ones I've actually met and with all of you on here. <br />
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The only downside I see (and I'm looking really hard for any potential downside) is that with the baby on the way and now that I'll be starting a job where I actually have to work during the day (as opposed to my previous job where I just sat on the internet all day long)... is that I am not going to be around here nearly as much. I think I'll pretty much be reduced to checking messages now and again and maybe showing up once in a while to update folks on our life with baby. I'm probably not going to be around to fight the good fight.

Hey V congrats . Glad things are working out well for you . Hows the preparation for the baby coming along ?

Congrats, V. I'm happy for you!

Good job, V. That fact that you were able to land a new job so quickly is a testament to your abilities. Having done some customer service in the distant past, I understand your feelings about it.

I do not wish to take away any of your thunder my dear friend. But I was the one responsible for your new job. You see, I found a little known clause in the new testament in which Jesus says "ask and it will be given to you" This established Jesus as my ***** and of course the first thing I did was arrange this position for you, no need to thank me. Oh, Auti, checks in the mail.

Congratulations! Please get me a new mortgage that is 0% interest, no penalties, is free to take out.

I was going to be shocked if you didn't get this job. I'm so glad you did. Can you refinance my house for me now?

Today is a great f*cking day for me. <br />
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I do appreciate all of the good vibes (I'm a big fan of vibes lol). And yes, even though I don't believe in the power of prayer and the new age powers of sending positive thinking and all the rest, I'm still touched by the gestures. It's the thought that counts. <br />
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I've been in customer service in one form or another my whole life, and I've always hated it because it's amazing how many days of mine were impacted in a negative way just by dealing with people's BS and attitudes. I also hate to sell things, and hate having a variable income based on how much I can sell or produce. The job I just got has none of these aspects. <br />
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I'm going to be a mortgage processor at one of the few nationwide banks that wasn't involved in all the BS lending that crashed our economy. I used to be a mortgage officer at a credit union back during the housing boom, and I loved so many things about that job. The only things I didn't like were, you guessed it, customer service and having to produce (sell). This job offers all the good parts of that previous job without the negatives, and it also gives me a substantial raise (and a stable income) over my last job. Lock me up in a room with a bunch of files and paperwork and I'm all set. No customers, and no selling. <br />
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Can't wait.

good for you..good luck.

Thanks, Outsider girl who is strangely familiar. <br />
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My wife is due next month, so I was under a huge amount of stress. I can hardly describe my feelings at the moment.