My First Great Find With A Metal Detector

Ever since I was young I wanted a metal detector. The thought of finding a buried treasure has always intrigued me. Even though I was in my mid 40's at the time, I was like a kid with a new toy and all I wanted to do is go outside and play with it.

My yard was now no longer just something I had to mow. It was a now a land of infinite dreams of concealed treasures.

My heart raced when the detector made it's first 'bling' noise. What a great sound. On the screen it showed there was a penny sized object. Sure enough, within seconds I recovered a penny from it's hiding place about 2 inches below the surface. I remember thinking at the time: Just 40,000 more of these and the metal detector will have paid for itself!

I continued through the yard. Many more pennies, and dimes, and quarters. I Counted the dirt covered change. $2.47. Nothing too old or valuable yet, but I was impressed the way this machine could find coins that would have been lost forever otherwise.

Then the big find.

The Bling that came from the metal detector was the loudest yet. When I looked at the display screen and was showing that there was a dollar sized coin hiding under the ground, it was all I could do to keep from shouting with excitement.

So I started digging. I dug down a couple of inches - nothing was there. I waved the metal detector over it and checked the depth meter on it. It said it was 12 inches deep. I ran to the garage and got the big shovel. The ground in this spot was packed hard and after much effort, I had it. But I could only see a silver edge. The rest was packed in a dirt and clay mixture that tightly concealed my new found treasure.

Not being a total novice to coin collecting, I knew I needed to take great care in freeing the coin from it's confinement. A scratch or a nick on an old coin could severely devalue the rare coin that this could be.

So I went online for advice on what to do. Within minutes, I had the plan.

I went out and bought an extra soft toothbrush and some Ivory dishwashing soap. Everyday I would leave my newfound treasure soaking in a mixture of water and dish soap. Twice a day I would change the soap and water and gently brush away another layer of dirt. Each time getting ever so slightly closer to revealing the treasure.

Finally, after two weeks of soaking and gently brushing away the dirt, it happened: A huge chunk of dirt fell away and revealed the face on the coin. I was stunned when I immediately recognized the face on the coin: It was Chuck E. Cheese!!

Yes, I went through all that trouble and all I got was a game token. But, on the other hand, It made me dream for a while. So in a sense - the metal detector did pay for itself.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2010

great story and great finds, good luck in your dirt digging :0)