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I finally got a new phone from work and normally it comes ready to go, except this time. The girl tells me the extra battery is on back order and I need to take the phone to Nextel and have my info transfered on it.

Not a big deal right? WRONG! Try going to a phone store with a special ed four year old and a very independent two year old. I called ahead to make sure they could do it and "Alex" said ask for me and I'll get it done. Yeah that didn't happen. The guy that I did meet wasn't pleased that I wasn't a sale and was less then friendly. I explained it all and also mentioned that I'm supposed to have texting now and that it didn't work. "No problem" he says and runs away with my phone.

He came right back out and said all transfered and good-bye. I stopped him and said "So the texting now works too". Yeah, I'm sure it's fine, you're good to go.

Well being a very paranoid and not so trusting sick MSP I decided to check it out and sure enough NOTHING! I couldn't even make a call on it. I go back over and he finally looks up and says is there something else. YES! I need a phone that works. He takes it, plays on the computer for a moment and says "I may not be able to fix this for you"... Okay so why? ... no reply. Finally he says okay I think I've got it but it's gonna take about 45 minutes.

Did I mention the little ones had taken over the store and I had a major headache already. If he thought I was gonna walk away or try and leave and come back he was nuts.  I looked around at my children gone wild  and looked back at him and said "We'll wait". A female employee did bring us pens and paper which was really nice and it seems that the 45 minute wait turned into about 10 as he REALLY wanted us out.

I've got a phone that seems to work and one day I'll figure out how the buttons all work on it. Regardless I'm good and we got out before breaking anything.

OH did I mention they had this phone holder that looked like a shoe and my little one wanted to wear it. She took her toes off and to figure out how to get it down... oh my!

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3 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Ah MSP - I know how pissed you must have been! I have a 4.5 yr old and it is SOO hard to shop with him. I don't know how you do it, really.

LOL... I added a picture of the holder. The baby has these in pink and they had a green one there she so wanted.<br />
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I'm sure you'd be great with the kids Brut...

Sorry you are sick, Split!!! I would have taken care of the little ones for you if I was there-good thinking by the female employee though :-P<br />
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A shoe phone holder!!! ****, I just use my pocket but that sounds cool...<br />
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