A Valentine Gift

I was baby sitting for a old friend of mine at her sisters house and I babysat upstairs the party was down stairs .well I have been looking for a Pit bull puppy for about three weeks and couldn't seem to find one. well at that party some one just so happen to bring five puppies and as i made my way down stairs i go into the garage i hear the whimper of the puppies I look into the box and I find Five pit bull puppies and this was just the perfect opportunity to get my husband a puppy for valentines day even it was a day early it was ok i guess all i know it made my husband a little mad cause right now we just moved into a house but after a few nights he was happy i got him . the puppy's name is kratos named after the god of war game it is crazy but it fits he is a little fighter. We have him using puppy pads its the best deal yet. He also loves to chase our two cats around the room lol and he tries to take over their bed . One thing i failed to mention he loves to be wrapped in a blanket like a baby and to be tucked in... man he is like a little human. I love this little guy he brought me and my husband a little closer its like being parents cause dogs need  more attention than cats especially pit bulls!

coconutlove89 coconutlove89
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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Thats so cute I think thats the cutes valentines present u can get sojeone u love