I Applied Today.

The lady at the acceptance facility approved me.  But it wasn't without a little hesitation. I have a warning for everyone who doesn't have a photo ID, get one before you go!  Obviously the government does not inform passport agents of it's policies.

I do not have a photo ID.  I went to the government website to see what types of secondary documents were approved.  I found out that library cards, credit cards, and social security were on the list.

The instructions said to photocopy each document and it would be fine, as long as you had more than one sig doc for proof of ID.  So, I found three signature documents and made copies to bring them in.  Obviously the agent wasn't up on new trends.  She looked like she'd been sitting in that office for twenty years.  She was like, "You don't have any photo ID at all?" 

Well, duh, no, or else I would have brought it!  Luckily, I brought my mom with me.  She signed the document for me as a witness and they photocopied her ID. 

I will be on edge a bit until Dec 7-21 (expected arrival date of passport) because the lady said she doesn't know if there will be a problem with my mom vouching for me.  I have no clue why there would be a problem, as the website clearly states that you can bring a combination of signature documents, with photocopies (they keep those and charge you if they have to photocopy it themselves) and a witness with valid ID.  I did all those things.

I did exactly what the site said.  She approved me, thankfully, but that doesn't mean the "big dogs" will.  If they don't, I will be making print outs of their website and highlighting the instructions and sending them to whoever is in charge with a nice combination of choice words.

But, if there isn't a problem I will be ready to travel (by land and sea, only in north america) all over the place!  Canada here I come!!!

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1 Response Nov 9, 2009

Yeah that is more than enough honey. All they need is birth certificate, SSC, and two photos (but you can find a facility near you that takes photos too, the one I went to took my photo on site).<br />
<br />
Haha, if you're going in June then I am totally going with you! lol!