Babyslaves Enema Punishment Day.

After finishing my normal Sunday morning duties Mistress asked if I would like to spend some time in the garden as it was such a lovely day, knowing that she would never forget a punishment session I said “yes” hoping to delay the inevitable for a while longer.

Mistress took me to my room and prepared me for the day in the garden.
Mistress inserted a hollow butt-plug into my arsehole, this plug has a valve which can be open and shut to allow an enema to be administered without having to remove the plug. Whilst on my knees Mistress connected the hose from the enema bag to the plug and allowed a 2litre enema to flow into me before closing the valve and removing the hose.
Mistress then held up a pair of translucent yellow plastic baby pants, which I stepped into and she pulled up after inserting two sets of BenWa balls into my ****, the plastic baby pants were followed by a translucent yellow plastic baby grow which covered my arms, body from neck to crotch, the legs are elasticated as are the cuffs, the collar had press studs as did the front from top to about my belly button, once in and secured Mistress fitted me with leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Mistress then led me through the house and outside to the main lawn where she had deposited a holdall earlier along with the petrol lawn mower.

Mistress had me hold the handle of the lawn mower and secured chains from the handle to my wrist cuffs; she then bent down and secured my ankle cuffs together with a 12” hobble chain. Mistress then fitted me with a red rubber ball gag and a hood with blinkers as well as a posture collar which meant I could only look directly in front of me.

Mistress then started the lawn mower and after playing with my butt-plug for a few seconds told me she wanted me to cut the grass on all three lawns and if anything needed emptying I was to come back to her and kneel.

I set off on my task, the BenWa balls made their presence known immediately and my **** started to leak straight away, I had not moved very far when I realised that she had opened the valve in my butt-plug and the fluid was now very slowly starting to empty into my plastic baby pants and mixing with my **** juice. This was the first enema I have had in 10 days so it was going to be messy.

Five times I had to kneel before Mistress, four times to have the grass collector emptied and once to have my plastic baby pants emptied.

When I had finished the lawn’s Mistress had me kneel while she inspected them, she found several faults.
Mistress secured me face down spread-eagled to the picnic table on the main lawn after having me ***** naked and remove the plug. Mistress then disappeared for about 15 minutes, when she returned she stood before me holding a large bundle of stinging nettles about 3 feet long, she had wrapped the roots in cloth and tapped them together at the root end. I thrashed about trying to get free as I knew what was coming but to no avail.
Mistress then proceeded to whip my arse and back with the stinging nettles. (You might think that I am very twisted now but as she whipped me I pissed myself and orgasmed at the same time.) The whipping was not that hard but the sting was so intense.
It was not until after Mistress had stopped whipping me that the pain took over, she left me screaming into my gag for half an hour after she stopped.

I was then released from the picnic table and made to put the plug back in my arsehole, once it was in Mistress connected an enema bag to it and allowed another 2litres of fluid into my arsehole, I was then instructed to put on the plastic baby pants and baby grow.
As Mistress re-attached my wrist cuffs to the lawn mower my arsehole started to burn and I was having trouble standing still, once Mistress had re-connected my hobble chain she looked up at me and said, “that will be the ginger enema causing the burning, now finish what you started or the next whipping you get will be with the crop.” I made my way around the lawn’s looking and re-doing the bits that I thought I had missed but Mistress had not told me what parts she was unhappy with so I ended up re-doing the whole lot.

Once again I knelt in front of Mistress and she went to inspect the lawns. Upon her return I was released from the lawn mower and my baby grow was removed, my wrists were connected together behind my back and Mistress led me down the courtyard and down to where she had deposited the grass cuttings. Mistress then pulled my plastic baby pants down to my knees and pulled the plug from my arsehole before telling me to squat down and empty my arsehole. On the way back, with my plastic baby pants still around my knees Mistress stopped and hosed me down making me bend over as she sprayed my arsehole with cold water. I was led back to the picnic table where Mistress pushed me down bent over at the waist, my ankles were secured to the table legs making me spread them as wide as the plastic baby pants would allow, my arms were then released from behind my back and brought forward and connected to the top of the table this I was now firmly secured bent over the table. I started crying straight away so hard and trying to beg for mercy as I so did not want another whipping with nettles, Mistress disappeared from my sight towards the house.

It must have been ten of fifteen minutes later when I felt was something hard against my ****, my **** opened like a flower as (I now know it was Mistress) Mistress entered me with her strap-on, it was her biggest one, it stretches me so open it is so painful but also so satisfying as I still had the BenWa balls inside my ****. Mistress has said in the past that this ***** is just right to **** a slave with as it causes more pain than pleasure, as she started to **** me she bent down and whispered, “You may *** as often as you wish slave”. I orgasmed at once and continued to ****** as Mistress ****** me hard for a good half hour, I lost count of the ******* and as she finished and withdrew from my stretched **** she picked up a hand full of nettle leaves and rubber them into my now spread **** and arsehole, she just left me bound to the picnic table until it started to get dark.

The stinging has all but gone but my **** and arse is still covered with nettle rash, it is like nappy rash and becomes more painful when I **** in my plastic baby pants which I am not permitted to empty for 15 minutes after I **** in them this week. The pain is now far less than yesterday but still there, I think by Thursday the rash will have gone completely.
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I would love to chat

I really would love this to happen to me by force

I assure you, you would not enjoy this being done to you, you may love to idea of another having the ability to force this type of punishment upon you but the reality is something very different.
It is quite painful and it goes on for hours if not days after, worse than any nappy rash.

And I'm sure you probably don't want to punish me like this right?

I would not use the nettles in your plastic pants but the rest I would love to inflict on you.

Is that the truth?

Yes. Limits must always be respected.
Even when someone gives themselves to another their limits, safety and protection are 100% the focus on the Dominants mind.
Never push a submissive further than they are willing to go. Safe words are a must at all times.

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Like the story. I wonder what that would be like

I am turned on by your story. When I get a slave of my own, I will borrow your Mistress' idea! *evil grin*

I am sure your slave whether male or female will thank you for their punishment.

what did you do to have your mistress punish you like that?

I had lied to Mistress, well not so much lied, i neglected to tell her something i should have mentioned.

like the incident in another one of your stories where you damaged her car?

Correct, it was something minor but if she had not found out it could have led to some complications for her later that month. My bad.

Lovely detail

A ginger enema? That sounds interesting.

I love the thought of burning sensation on the anus.... so humiliating...

Very good story.

Wonderful story, well told... what a good slave you are, your mistriss must be proud :) Love to chat with you...

I am very excited now, I also like to do enema and ************ in the same moment... It is a pity that you did not shoe some your photos, you are surely sexy and beautiful girl... Maybe later... ;-)

You lucky devil i wish it was me Tony

very sexy!

Wow..Was This A Scene.....Or Just Dreaming??


Pls message me. Vi want to know u

Pls message me. Vi want to know u

Because Mistress wished to punish me. I am sure that i did do something wrong but it was last summer.

Why were you punished........

Wow that was great......