When I was about seven, I had to stay several days in the hospital for an infection. I had just put on the gown they gave me when the nurse came in to take my temperature. She pulled away the covers and told me to roll over. She opened my gown and the next thing I knew, a thermometer was sticking in my butt. This was totally embarrassing for me because there was a young girl in the next bed. After the nurse finished with me, my room mate had her temperature taken the same way. This happened every few hours The whole time I was there. I was also getting shots every day.

My mom would also take my temperature rectally if I told her I didn't feel well. Put on PJ's and get into bed she would tell me. Then she would return with a thermometer and a jar of Vaseline. She would untie my bottoms and have me raise my hips so she could pull them down to my knees and have me roll over. Then she would open the jar of Vaseline, and lubricate the thermometer and stick it in my butt. After she pulled it out and read it she would announce if I did or did not have temperature. She would lightly slap my butt and pull up my PJ's. A fever would result in a call to the doctor for medicine. No fever almost always resulted in an enema.
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Do you remember the age you were when she stopped taking them that way?