I have been a very bad man the last week. I went to my lady friend and told her what I have done

to deserve a paddling. She agreed that I should be punished harshly for the things I have been doing

all week. She told me to bring her two paddle's, a cane, and a cat-o-nine tails. I went to the room that 

she keeps the instruments in, and returned to face her. With the instruments of her choosing in my

hand, I asked her to punish me as she see's fit. She took the things from me and put them on the

table. She said, Chuck I think you need 60 licks with each paddle, at least 20 cane stripes, and 60 swats

with the cat. Dose that sound fare to you? Yes mam, I said. I thought that was quiet a bit of punishment.

I am going to have my husband come in, and watch you get your punishment. Better yet, I want you

to take off your clothes, go into the living room and ask him, if he will come to watch you be punished

for the things you have done this week. Do you understand? Yes mam, I said while I was taking off

my clothes. I have never even spoken to this man, and have only seen him a few times. What's he

going to think about me? I didn't't expect this at all.

    I know he knows she spanks me, but I never thought he would be involved at all. Go ask him  she

said, I will be waiting. I felt so embarrassed, I slowly walked my naked *** into the living room. He was

reading something and looked up at me. Can I help you? He said, Yes sir, I am here to ask you if you

will come into the other room with me, and watch me being punished for what I have done this week.

Is that right, he said, I think you need to raise your arms up and spin around, so I can get a good look

at you. I said yes sir, I could not figure out why he was telling me to do this, but I raised my arms up

and started turning around. I just thought I was embarrassed before, now I was humiliated to no end. 

When I got all the way around he said, OK turn around and grab your ankles I want to see your ***

before it get's what it probably deserves. Yes sir I said, turning around and touching my ankles. I

could not believe how humiliating it was, to bend over in front of this man so he could see my *** hole,

and look at me, as naked as I could be. When I bent over he said, well that's a pudgy looking ***, did

you wash it before you came here?   I was in shock that he would even look at me naked, let alone

ask me if I washed my ***. My wife only beats clean *****, you know that right? I was still bent

over and didn't't know how to handle this at all. Yes sir, I stammered. I started to raise up but he said no

stay bent over, I want to inspect the *** my wife is going to beat. With that he got up and walked around

me. I have never been so humiliated in my life. Looks like you eat to much with a fat *** like that,

is that what she's beating you for? No sir, I said almost crying. Well maybe you should tell her you

need extra licks because you *** is to big. What do you think of that? Yes sir, I will, I said. OK, stand up

and let's go into her punishment den. I stood up and slowly walked into the den with him right behind me,

like I was going to run or something.   We entered the den and he told me to stop and bend over again.

I did what I was told, he kissed his wife who was standing with a paddle in hand. I think your  boy

has something to ask you darling. Oh, what is it Chuck? I couldn't't even talk to start with, I stammered out, I think

I need extra licks because my *** is to fat, mam. You know, I think your right, you have been getting a

little chunky in the last couple week's. OK, back up to me, but stay bent over. I squirmed back until I was

next to both of them. I stopped and raised up as I was told. As I did she asked her husband, how many extra licks

should he get for having a fat *** dear? I think 20 licks from me, will make him think twice about how

much he eat's. I could not believe what I was hearing. I never agreed to anyone else spanking me, this didn't

seem right. What do you think boy? She asked. I had no idea what to say, but I got out a whatever you

think is right mam. OK Chuck, I want you to go to the center of the room and bend over, bending your knee's a little

so your fat *** is sticking out.  That way my husband can get a clear shot at your ***, do you understand me?

Yes mam, I went to the middle of the room and did what I was told. He took the thinnest paddle and got behind

me. Five at a time, boy, are you ready? I couldn't't believe I was doing this, but I said, yes sir I'm ready. He

smacked my *** with five sharp licks. I squirmed and said thank you, when five more hard licks came down

on my bottom. I was hurting now, but before I new it five more even harder licks came whistling onto my ***.

Boy, this is the last five, what have you learned? Not to eat so much, I said, the last five put my *** on fire!

I jumped and almost fell forward they came so hard. My *** wasn't't stinging anymore, it was on fire. I  let out

a yelp that had to have been heard by the neighbors. I clenched my *** with both hands, rubbing both cheeks 

trying to put out the fire that my *** was feeling. I was almost in tears when she said, stand up Chuck.

I did, both of them were looking at me shaking their heads. That should teach you, right? Yes mam, I said,

She told her husband to sit in the chair next to her, and watch closely because it was time for my punishment

and she wanted a witness to watch.  I had been bad as I could be, and she was going to make a believer

out of me. She picked up the cane and said, Chuck, I want you to get on your knee's, put your head on the floor,

and raise your *** as far in the air as it will go, do you understand me? Yes mam, I choked out. When I was in place

she walked around me looking at  me with disgusts. Raise your *** higher she said. Then she started canning me,

steady strokes ripped into my *** as I flinched with every stroke. She picked up the cat, and continued the steady

strokes until I thought I was going to die. I screamed, please stop, please. Without my safe word, screaming did

very little. When she stopped with the cat I was almost crying. Ahhhhhhhh! I think we got his attention honey. I had slumped

in the floor. I could not remember my safe word. My GOD I thought, what was that word. Red! I said. That wasn't't it,

Texas I said, that wasn't't it either. Bring your *** back up in the air Chuck, are you listening? I can't remember my word

I said. Well that's convenient she said, raise your *** like I told you to, or you'll get more than the 60 swats you have left.

I slowly lifed my burning *** back in the air. She had the wide paddle that covered my whole bottom, both cheeks

at once she gave me 60 licks 20 at a time. Before the last 20, she asked me if I thought I had learned anything today?

Yes mam I have, I will be a good man I promise! She said we will see, and gave me the last 20 as hard as she could.

She had never hit me that hard, in the two yrs I have been coming here. I was crying like a baby when it was all over.

She told me to stand up and face them. As I did my *** cheeks clenched together, burning like never before. My hand's

were clenched on my *** and tears were running down my face. They were both sitting in the chairs looking at me with

a certain pride in their eye's. I think we have done are job, don't you Chuck? Yes mam, I blubbered I won't be back, thank you.



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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Damn. He asked for it. One should only be spanked by a spouse or significant other. He opened the door for new experiences by seeing someone outside for his punishment. I wonder if he lost any weight.

Sorry I have to disagree. Some spouses and s.o.'s are not physically able to give the type of punishment that is needed, and some are not emotionally able. My wife does spank me on occasion but hates to hurt me even knowing that it helps me. In still other cases the spouse or s.o. is not interested in disciplining, and in still others a same-gender disciplinarian may be more effective (in the case of a man who was only spanked by his father growing up, for example). Everyone needs discipline, some need it enforced from an outside source, and limiting that source to a spouse or s.o. is counter-productive in many cases.

You are welcomed to disagree. Do so on your own post. Do not piggyback on mine with your overblown crap.

I hope you have gone back, because it sounds like they know how to give you what you need.

F., I agree!

Poor Chuck! Did you go back?