I Guess I'm a Speed Demon!

So I must be the biggest idiot of all time, getting popped in a speed trap that I totally knew about. I was coming down out of a mountain, on a highway, at a place where the speed limit changes from 65 to 60 - on a serious downhill grade. That pretty much means riding the brakes or shifting gears so as to be a good law abiding citizen. On this particular day, I was in a hurry to get my daughter to school, and I was already running late, and I was driving my mom's car... and I got busted.

I had warned several people about the ever-dutiful cop who sat on his bike almost every day, ticketing speeder after speeder. How I managed to not be looking that one day is beyond me. I guess I got lucky, though, and he only put that I was traveling 75 in a 65 zone. I think it was more like 80 in a 60. And he didn't ask for insurance, which was good, because with it being my mom's car, I personally had none.

What can I say? I love driving my car like a bat out of hell through that mountain - and I still haul ***. I just watch it at the bottom.

I had to pay my ticket to the tune of $150 and do a stupid $30 traffic school.

The moral of this story? Watch out for speed traps if you're not down with wasting a Saturday at a stupid Internet traffic school and blowing your cash.

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1 Response Oct 13, 2006

i made this a goal of mine just so i could hang around with the speeders. they always have the weirdest & funniest stories. let's face it, the story you get to tell is the only good you get from a ticket.