I Got A Ticket, But Not For Speeding

Just when you're out of stories to post, life comes up and bites you on the butt and you have a new story! On my way to work this morning, I got a ticket for, "Blocking Traffic". I was just trying to turn left, and there were a lot of cars zipping by. I waited and waited for the zipping to stop, then I turned. When I looked in the mirror, it wasn't Christmas lights I saw on the car behind me.

The officer was very nice and he explained to me that I can't sit in the middle of the intersection. I'm not sure where he wanted me to put my 2000 pounds of Detroit's finest ... isn't it suppose to be on the street? These things don't hover, do they? I've never seen that option.

When I was trying to turn, I was honked at a couple of times, by I didn't get any "middle finger salutes", and no one rolled down their window and yelled "Learn How To Drive (Missy!)", so I figured I wasn't doing anything that bad.

The officer suggested I stay off of busy roads during rush hour. Isn't that an insult to my driving? Don't you think? How rude!

Maybe I'll give the ticket to my mom and dad as a stocking stuffer. Maybe they'll pay it. (ha ha).

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Go to court and make him come in on his day off. I believe that if the police officer isn't present the ticket will be dismissed. What have you got to loose. And dress to kill.

The ticket was dismissed.

Woohoo! That's great, Mary!

Ticket was excused and I didn't have to pay anything! There is justice!

Thanks, that's good advice. My dad has an attorney that's helping. It will likely be reduced down to a non moving violation. But, thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

I am not sure what you did wrong... You say turning left at an intersection? <br />
<br />
I would challenge the ticket because there is a good chance he pulled you over to get a phone number but when he didn't get it he had to give you a ticket for something to cover his but.

I think I was being too cautious. I might have had time to make the turn but just was being careful. My car's not very fast. It's the car's fault.

gotten a few of them<br />
last one was for doing 150 in a 65 zone

Wow. Amazing that you posted this story right now because my son was in a western state over Thanksgiving and the same thing happened to him, but he just got a warning. He was stunned that he did something wrong.....That's how we do things in these parts! How the heck else do you make a left turn???