Cops Popped Out Of Nowhere, I Didnt Realise How Fast I Was Going

sometimes i have a tendency to speed. but i mainly go over the limit on highways. i was late to uni the other day and i decided to go over the limit so i can quickly get there. when i do speed i always check to see if there are any copcars nearby and if there arent any then  i hit the gas, but this time i was caought off guard. i was relaxed to the point that i just looked forward while driving. then i noticed that my entire rear view mirror was filled with this image of the front of a huge dark blue car. i thought to myself thats i nice car, he is driving a little close to me though. then i realised that it had orange stripes, which attracted my attention, i said to myself "oh this car looks so sporty with its decals and designs, i'll have another look". then i realised that it said police on the orange banners, and i said "oh he is driving close to me because he is in a hurry". so i moved to the next lane and then that car moved as soon as i moved. it kept staying behind me, and then i looked at my speedometer and thats what happened. he was after me, and i was speeding. so i had to stop on the side, and these 2 big men in dark shady sunnies came out and i was intimidated. so i said sorry heaps but they just said that i was speeding heaps and i got a ticket from them. i have to pay 245 dollars but thats nothing. i has a huge paycheck the week before so it wont hurt my balance too much, maybe a little. that was my first speeding ticket and i feel like an idiot. we need autobahns in australia, because 2 lane roads dont cut it. no wonder they call them highways instead of freeways, because theres no freedom in how fast you wanna go. oh well, i'll leanr from that.

jonnyronny jonnyronny
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Good story I always speed and slow down whenever i see a cop car. Fortunately I haven't been caught. Yessir this little person has never recieved a speeding ticket of any kind. =)

Aw, that's a drag jonnyronny, to have to deal with them, I see that you have the same cops in Australia as we do here in the US, when you described them as "2 big men in dark shady sunnies".<br />
It takes two cops to write a speeding ticket...because they are so scared of 'terrorists' they only go about in pairs. Chickens. We all face the threats of the world alone and unarmed. <br />
It seems speeding is a minor offense, but it takes two cops to write that perhaps you could slow down a bit, jonnyronny, before they designate you as threat level orange!