Cat Scratch Fever...

I got my tat's about two years ago, but I remember it well. Now, I know that I can't tell other people that they should or shouldn't get them, that's a personal decision that each person has to make with their own life in mind, but I do feel the need to reinforce the fact that this is a life decision. I love my tat's and have no desire to remove them, in fact I'm thinking of adding another, but that is perhaps a story for another experience, but I will say this for anyone concerned about getting a tattoo: it's just like a cat scratching you. The hardest part for me in deciding to get mine was my inexperience, but after my first one, I realized that that was a childish fear, like when you get your first splinter removed. It also really helped that I was very good friends with they guy who drew my tat, so I was in a comfortable place when it happened.
gaelfx gaelfx
Jul 9, 2010