My Vasectomy Is A Nightmare

I am over 3 months post vasectomy and still not healed.  About three days after my vas. I felt my stitches let go on one side and a massive release of pressure.  Not surprisingly, a ***** granuloma formed.  Ditto on the other side a few days later.  Then I bled internally for about a week within my scrotum.  I was in constant pain and my granuloma was symtomatic so had to walk with a limp, when walking was possible.  About three weeks after that, I started having congestive edydidimitus which has been recurrent and painful.  I may have post vasectomy pain syndrome.  If the pain does not clear up in another month or two, I will have to pay for a reversal, the last chance I have at preventing the ongoing pain.  If this does not work, I may be in pain for life.

If I had known that this outcome was possible, I WOULD HAVE NEVER GOT A VASECTOMY.  If you think taking a risk that could leave you in chronic pain for life is worth it, then fine.

I know the average person won't have my experience, but 1000's of men have had this horrible experience.  Their stories are all over the net.
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I doubt anyone is looking here anymore but I've had a similar experience. I am allergic to the sutures that were used. I am 15 weeks post op and I'm returning to work tomorrow after three weeks off due to a weeks hospitalization, and two weeks restrictive lifting/walking, for epididymitus. I have "spit" one suture from the Vas and I can feel what seems to be another working its way out.

I consider myself one of the unfortunate ones and there aren't many of us. I wouldn't say that you shouldn't get a vasectomy, but I certainly would have never gotten one had I known this was possible.

The pain of epididymitus is excruciating. I couldn't get out of the hospital bed to pee. When I had to have tests done, getting out of bed was painful enough to make me weak in the knees. I was having IV antibiotics for 5 days. Demerol was given every three hours, 10/325 Norco every six and Torodol every 6. If you ever get epididymitus then demand Torodol. It helps with the swelling and reduces your discomfort far better than anything else.

While I was in the hospital they found that I have a hernia. There is no way to say when I got it or if it's even related to the experience, but I never noticed it before.

I had mine six hours ago. No scalpel, no needle. Felt pretty much nothing and couldn't believe it was over so fast. Now I'm chilling with my bag of peas and everything feels fine. The anticipation was far worse than the experience itself!

Wow! I had a vasectomy about 8 years ago. I did feel some pain during the procedure but none after. I recommend for others who decide to have this done to go to a specialist in a large metropolitan area. It sounds like you other guys went in to the county doctor/veterinarian.

I had my vasectomy on September 30th 2011. Today is May 13th 2012 and I'm still in a great deal of pain. I have a constant gnawing pain in my lower left abdomen, just left of my penis. The pain increases when I sit. My scrotum sensitivity has been heightened to the point that I can't jog or even go down the stairs briskly without pain. My left abdomen kills me when I ejeculate or even just get aroused. This certainly hasn't helped my libido. <br />
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I had a father/son tandem do the procedure. I thought Dad was just"assisting". It goes without saying, the elder did my left testicle. I felt like William Wallace from Braveheart during the procedure. I was grimacing, biting my lip, and just struggling to keep my composure. When Dad did my left it felt like something was torn and then poked with an ice-pick. It was brutal. <br />
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I swelled up like a soccer ball. I could barely walk for 2 weeks; couldn't wear jeans for 3. I went back to the doc in December. He put me on 6 weeks of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. They didn't help at all. I went for a second opinion in March 2012. That doctor told me that I just need to be patient and wait for it to heal. His language and tone made me feel like a whining *****. However, this pain is real and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. <br />
Thanks for listening

This op.needs avoiding I have suffered every day since making the very bad decision.

4 months on any better? How long have you been suffering? Can you work?
I'm just 2 months on and my doctor thinks that it is nerve damage, unable to carry out day to day activities or walk for more than 300m, without pain. Even with strong pain killers.

I had mine done over 9 years ago and my right testicle is throbbing pain right now. The not so funny thing is that when the doctor did the right side, I almost hit the ceiling, and only the right side has given me issues. It will be OK for a while and then seems to swell slightly and either just be a dull ache or sometimes really sharp pain.<br />
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The really sad part is that I have been in an almost sexless marriage, so not only do I have the pain, but a hell of a lot of anger too!<br />
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This surgery has caused me so much pain, and only saved me about a dozen condoms..........

sorry to hear that :( sometime surgeries go wrong. My friend after her baby she decided to have a surgery to "fix her boobs" so it did not heeld well and took her over 3 months to be ok :(<br />
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*now she looks great!

Wow - hope you got back to the doctor quickly. The worst part of my experience was them removing medical tape after the procedure (e.g. iv, something attached to my leg).