Follow Up

So as I indicated in my previous post, the vasectomy went well. At the follow-up visit to the doc, when I got in the waiting room the nurse handed me a specimen jar and asked me to go give a sample. I found a men's room (which was fortunately empty) and *********** (I happened to have my cell phone with me and could pull up some **** from the hospital wireless to expedite things.)

I brought my sample back to the nurse - a bit awkward in a crowded waiting room, but at the urologist, it's not such a big deal.

But the embarrassing thing was she looked at me oddly and said - oh, I'm sorry I thought you were here for something else - that was a urine specimen jar, we don't do the follow-up ***** analysis here, that's at the lab downstairs.

So then it's appointment time and the doc is checking out my sac, saying it looks totally healed and I'm aware that there's a bit of *** still oozing out the tip of my penis. Oh well...not such a big deal but a bit embarrassing anyway.

So I did have to schedule a different appointment for the ***** analysis in the end - the downstairs lab was closed that day. Two choices: at the main hospital center that was 45 minutes from our apartment they had an andrology lab with "facilities" for this - private rooms with comfy chairs, DVDs and reading materials - and done in a rather private setting, or the second option, which I chose, was doing it at the lab in the medical office building near my home. I show up to the lab not knowing what the facilities were. First I have to register in a crowded waiting room and say why I'm there. A nurse gives me a specimen jar and points me down the hall to the men's room. A bit awkward since it is a tiny men's room with a couple urinals and a single stall. Thankfully no one came in to use the bathroom while I did my best to expedite things. I didn't particularly want to be walked in on in a stall with large gaps around the door while ************, especially since I figured some other guys would be sent in to give a urine specimen.

I just got back from giving my second specimen. This time there was a new nurse being trained so it was a bit embarrassing that the head nurse explained it all to her..."He'll have to be given a specimen jar...the one we'd use for urine usually...yes, he'll go take care of it and bring it back." This time I made a point of going up to a floor with offices on it and found a private, lockable restroom. It still is odd to ********** on demand this way - there's that strange feeling of "How long should I take?" If I'm gone a long time will they talk about it behind my back? What if I'm too quick? This may seem silly - in the end I don't particularly care.

Good luck to all who are going for the big V. It was so much easier than I expected.
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Jul 15, 2010