I Got A Vasectomy Too

About 4 years ago I made my appointment.  The nurse forgot to tell me that I needed to shave, so the doctor thought he could "avoid the hair".  I nervously watched as the doctor slowly numbed my scrotum under a bright surgical light.  He was describing the procedure and what it would entail.  He was going to do the "more permanent" solution by removing a 1/4" section of the tube.  I watched as he cut a small hole in my scrotum sack and waited while he "fished out" the tube.  I watched as he put clips on the tube and proceeded to cut out a section.  Amazing!  I also watch as he burned each end of the tube.  Then he explained he was going to try to avoid making another incision by fishing out th other tube.  After 5-6 attempts, he was able to get the tube.  This time I felt pulling and tuggin on the tube and felt a small pain in my groin and abdomen area.  Kind of unerving!  He proceeded the same way as before and then stitched me up.  He packed my scrotum and I put on my Lilac spandex underwear to hold the packing in place.  I was numb, so didn't feel any pain.

My recovery was fast!  I was only down for that day and the next before I started moving more normally.  I moved more slowly for about a week.  There was very little pain, other than an ache where he pulled the tube from the other side of the scrotum, occasionally.

The doctor asked me to have sex as much as I wanted, or ********** often a certain amount of time after the procedure and ask that I come in to make sure I was sterile.  The first time I tested after a couple of weeks, there was still ***** present.  My second follow-up confirmed I was completely sterile.  I'm shooting blanks!
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