It Was A Selfish Reason

I had a vasectomy after my third daughter was born.
I seem to have struggled through the first two children, and was shocked when my wife said the third was on the way. I cried, rather selfishly, thought I would not cope. When she was born, beautiful of course..I cried again, this time with love for her and my wife. It was then that I decided to book in for my vasectomy, I knew deep down I could not cope if my wife were to fall pregnant again. Call me rather unsensitive, but my wifes feelings never came into it. I had the snip and we carried on a while, then things strated to go wrong, only had myself to blame/ Now I live in a sexless marriage, where we both do our own thing. Would I turn back the clock....... no I dont think I would.
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2012

You gave her 3 children its not your fault she is unthankful and all she wants is what she wants. Grateful women dont turn their back on their man and punish him sexually.


I'm sorry that you couldn't take into consideration the feelings your wife may have had. Unfortunately my husband is doing the same and I can already tell you the thought of having sex after its done makes me sick, so I think we will be in the sexless marriage boat as well. I sure hope he enjoys it.

Im sorry you cant take into consideration the feelings of your husband its not the end of the world. Muster up some estrogen and be a women. How would you like to be in his shoes and be cut off emotionally and sexually. You act as if he cheated on you which by the way if you cut him off sexually he will cheat on you.

Really? I don't know if I'm cold blooded but... 3 children!!! the guy seems to be struggling making a living for 5 persons and then he is selfish? He didn't cheat for god sake, he wants to give a nice life to the one's he has now, or at least... i see it that way