Vasectomy - Thumbs Up!

Let me say that once you've decided that you've the family you want and you want the easy solution to birth control, a vasectomy is the answer. Looks guys, it's time to man up! The procedure is quick and nearly painless. Do it on a Friday and spend some quality time watching sports on TV.

Your wife will see you in a whole new light. You are no longer a threat to her. You can't make her pregnant! It'll take about 10 or 14 days before she can take you out for a test drive but believe me, she will! And often!

Bonus fun: Before the doc gives you the green light you'll need to bring in a sample of the goods for inspection under a microscope. My wife helped me fill that little container!
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Thank you. Like CrazyWater I worry about side effects of long-term birth control for women. The only strange sensation was when the doc tugged on the vas deferens and it felt like he was trying to pull my lungs out through my scrotum (not severely, but just enough to make me think - what's this?)..

That's exactly it! A tug! I was starring at the ceiling hoping it wouldn't hurt. My doctor was a University of Ga fan. Just as he snipped he said "How About Them Dawgs!" Funny now but not so much then.

I disagree, it has nothing to do with "maning up". It has everything to do with personal choice. My procedure was over 2 years ago and I am still in pain. I have spent over $100,000 and 2 additional surgerys to rectify my pain. As far as the frequency goes, after a short stent of increased activity it will return back to what ever normal was before the procedure. I encourage every couple to do their own research on the negative outcomes and decided if it is worth the risk.

One last thing, there are only 2 surefire ways of preventing a pregnacy, abstinence and a hysterectomy.

The after I was playing a little basketball. Well, almost!

I agree. I had mine done two weeks ago and I had no issues at all. I slept a lot on the day of the procedure, but was up and playing with my twins the next day. Pain was minimal and everything was paid for by insurance.