For Good Reason

I had my vasectomy while I was in graduate school. I was 28 or 29 years old at the time.

I did it for one simple reason: I have genes that I had (and continue to have) no desire to pass on. I felt a vast and deep compassion for any poor tiny soul who would inhereit the worst of my genetic possibilities.

Red hair, freckles, skin that burns and welcomes melanoma, which has turned in my dotage into the scaley scabby coat of a Galapagos reptile, a skinny boney weak body with little by way of physical coordination, no ability at sport, no balance, fear of heights, fear in fact of virtually everything that moves, and most things that don't, a mouth like Shane MacGowan: broken misshapen teeth, stained by the tannins of too much red wine, bleeding gums.

It was a no-brainer to get a vasectomy.
61-65, M
Mar 6, 2012