Done This Week.

Well I'm still hoping for the best. They still ache. A good supporting pair of pants makes a world of difference.

Its not quite as I expected. I was expecting a warm operating room (We all know that regions easier to work with in the warm) but was in actual fact bloody cold. I was also expecting a small neat hole underneath. Mine look more like Picasso's impression of a vasectomy. Apparently they decided to cut right in the middle of my left side, and to the side and above on the right. Hopefully it'll look ok when its all settled down.

Biggest issue now is constipation. Had a general and been given codydramol for pain. Not been able to poop in almost 4 days but told it should clear soon.

Mine was at Frimley Park. Dr Khan.

Hopefully all will be good.
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I've been told recently that for other ops too this hospital are careless or needlessly rough when you have a general. Comparing responses from people who have had locals and generals they seem to think a general is an excuse to batter you and do what most professionals would view as a bad job

At the moment I'm still holding out hope these problems will go.

Well here I am 3 weeks later. I'm sat comfortably enough for now. Seemingly at random throughout the day I get sort of stabbing or aching pains. At random, walking becomes awkward when they decide to start hurting, becoming sensative and painful. Re sex, its not a great prospect at the mo. Pressure in that area is a bad thing. Downwards pressure on the ...ahem.. is not at all pleasant.<br />
<br />
Only after the open did I discover published medical research that suggests 1 in 7 people have ongoing problems. I hope I'm not one, but my hospital certainly didn't advise me of that. Infact they lied

How long do these stitches take to go? Maybe they sewed the bid one to my skin lol. Will have to see how I am in another week or two. If I have have any longer term issues I will certainly be taking legal action

I could not get my stitches out after day nine, made an appointment to get stitches removed and that night they fell out on their own. The stitches were blue and looked like plastic thread.

Update.. had a week off work as it seems I got an infection one side. Not surprised. After the op I noticed the dressing wasn't even on that side properly. Still aches following antibiotics so having to go overkill with the underwear 2 weeks later lol.