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I got my vasectomy after the birth of our second child and the decision that if we ever wanted more, we would adopt. We still have just two and are very happy. The vasectomy is a much simpler procedure for the man than for the woman, in my opinion. And now that we are looking to expand our sexual horizons, the V-Safe factor is very encouraging for me, as the last thing I want to do is get someone pregnant. The scary part is that now with my wife NOT on BC because I am 100% safe, she is at risk for getting pregnant - and we all know male BC (short of a vasectomy or other sterilization method) is no guarantee, nor are temporary female BC methods like foam, spermicide, etc. So it adds a little to the complexity of it all.
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When faced with a similar set of circumstances we opted for a Paraguard IUD - the copper one. is "perfect" too strong a word? No surgery, no problems if you change your mind and effectiveness - it beats all other methods of birth control and is effectively the same as sterilization. Turns out it is very common - that is everywhere except for North America where it seems to be some sort of a secret.

Planning is a must. Check out my vas story. Pregnancy is not the only thing to be concerned with, std's, hepatitis etc..

Totally agree - thus my story "Know what you are sticking" in the "I love bareback sex" experience group.

After mine I was told to ********* at least 12 times I think oe maybe 20 in 12 weeks and then get a pathology report done to check that there are no *****. I have kept that piece of paper confirming it. It definitely is a load of your mind.

Only 20 times? (LoL)

What ever it was I think I exaggerated the number to my wife to get more sex lol which was the 1st time I did this purely for medical reasons hehehe

Yes - and we all need help with it - for "medical reasons"! I told her the doctor said it all needed to be sucked out, but she didn't buy that one :(

hahhaha that is worth a try lol I admire your effort, there should be a group on failed attempts at getting a *******

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ummm....after my ex husbands vasectomy he was not exactly thorough about rechecking until having an absolute 0 ***** count. he received a call from the doctor about 3 months later and told him that after reviewing the pathology, he did not remove both vas deferens. I was about 3 weeks late at that point and i knew i was pregnant. it really was stressful but our son is the greatest kid, truly meant to be. Btw...the sex was so great not having to worry about getting pregnant. I had a tubal ligation after our son was born, proving that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! Hahaha!

Yes, the followthrough testing is important. As is getting all the old stuff out to make sure the TWO tests are clean - but that certainly wasn't a problem :)

We only have one child and since we are older parents, I got a vas. Things in bed are great! No worries about pill taking and condoms breaking makes for a happy man.

I never gave it a second thought after my vasectomy. I think they must be 99.99999999999% or something like that. If she gets pregnant now by me, it really is meant to be.

got my vasectomy after the birth of our second too. Two is more than enough LOL. But still, since there is no 100% guarantee, I try to *** out when she's fertile