My Vasectomy

After 3 healthy boys born to my wife and myself, I decided we needed a permanent BC solution. My buddy and his wife had the same idea after their 2 girls were school age. We actually had our wives take us on the same day to have the procedure done. Our urologist doc was a pro, he does these every Saturday morning (9am to 12 noon). His office had sent us a consent form and info before the procedure. I also had to meet with him in his office prior to the procedure so he could find and check my ***** tubes. He told me I would have to shave but when he looked at my bare package he said that was great.He squeezed my scrotum and located the tubes to be cut. He was a little rough and apologized because at first he had a hard time locating my tubes. My ball sac was shrunken, wrinkled and tight due to my fear (I guess). He said my tight little sac made it difficult and more traumatic locating the vas deferens but everything was OK. He said he would provide a cream that would numb my sac to be used at home before coming in for the procedure. He said he would provide a warm pack to be placed on my sac at the office to loosen my tight sac and make everything go as planned. My buddy was first and he came out of the room after getting tied as if nothing happened, great!! Now my turn. I went into the procedure room and took off my underwear and shorts. The doc knew my buddy and me had our wives bring us together to get fixed. He and his nurse thought that was a hoot. The doc before he started said to his nurse, "Oh yes, he is uncircumcised and please hold his foreskin taut". My buddy is cut and has a large sac. He bragged they didn't have to use the warm pack on him because of his large loose sac and testicles (yeah right). I guess she directly held his glans in her gloved fingers. The cream worked great, I got 1 painless shot at the junction of my penis and sac and his one little hole he made in my sac was also painless and no big deal. The warm pack they gave in the procedure room relaxed my scrotum and made me look like I always had low hangers LOL. It made it a lot easier for him to find everything he needed to find. His nurse held my foreskinned tool out away from my body as he worked on my sac. She didn't blink an eye (I guess she has probably done this hundreds of times). I was propped up and watched the whole thing. I watched him pull my tubes out thru that tiny hole and he injected something into each tube, then cut them and cauterized them shut. He put everything back in massaged and checked the area and with 1 or 2 dissolvable stitches we were done. He said in 6 weeks or after 20 ejaculations come back to the office and give a sample to be sure there were no swimmers. I kept a tally sheet in our bedroom and after 20 squirts headed to the office to give one more. When I got to the office they gave me a specimen cup to make a sample. The nurse said to wash my penis with this antiseptic wipe and if I had foreskin (how could she forget, I reminded her yes) and wash and dry it thoroughly. Then wash and dry my hands. She said produce a sample in the cup and bring it out to her when done. I wondered if she timed me. I played with my tool and foreskin and shot a fairly large sample into the cup ( I had abstained for about 3 days in order to get a good sample, I was ready to unload). I brought it out to her like a proud puppy and she said the doc would call me later that day after he examined the sample. He called me about 2 hours later and said I was ***** free and ready to go, YEAH. No man should have any fear about having this done. Just be sure you are ready for no more children.
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Looks like The Sound of Music about ***** pipes. It is unfortunately not that easy and problem-free in a large number of cases. With nanotechnology it is now safer and less risky to tie female tubes. Which should be done more often, since after all it's females who don't want their reproductive ability to continue.

I learn something everyday

They called me after my second sample, but didn't speak frankly enough... the nurse said "I don't have to worry", or something like that, and I misconstrued it that she was saying that I was negative, and so wasn't safe to abandon BC yet. Boy, were they ever surprised when I contributed a third sample. She called and asked why I had done that...that the doctor hadn't ordered it. I stammered and said that I thought that was the pattern for a negative test result. She said no, I had no more *****, and that it wasn't necessary, and that she had told me that. I told her she hadn't been clear, and she hung up on me. Some bedside manner.