It Was The Best Thing I Never Wanted To Do!

It was June of 2008. I was working my second job teaching computers in accounting at the local business school, much as I always did a few nights a week. As was usually the case when I would work my four hour shift, I called my wife on my mid-point break. What I didn't know was that this was going to be a call not like most other calls.

My wife and I were married in 2000. We were expecting our fourth child just 4-5 months away, in October 2008. This night's call was my wife's chance to tell me "David, we are done having kids. I really don't think I can handle us getting pregnant anymore." My initial reaction was to say "oh, so you're getting your tubes tied?". She said, "no, that would take too long to recover from for me - I want you to get a vasectomy". Of course, I balked initially. I felt that if this was her decision, then she should have the procedure done. I brought up the religious angle - knowing that we were both (at the time) serious Catholics - and reminded her that the church did not approve of sterilization procedures. We kind of went back and forth about it, with the end result being her acquiescence that it was wrong to do it. I was relieved and clear of my conscience now. I thought that settled it. But then two nights later, I was teaching again, and apparently she had had a couple of rough days with the kids we had already had. She was in my ear again, and of course I said "I thought we had this settled?"

Finally, I decided to give in. As you all know, my relationship with my wife can have a lot of ups and downs emotionally. She has always been argumentative and causing me stress, so I finally decided on that second phone call - "you know what? **** it if the church says it's wrong, because God knows what I have had to put up with with this woman He has me living life with". Besides, at that time I was already pondering infidelity, so that would actually work out to my favor as well. We also really didn't need anymore children - we had agreed upon four when we were engaged, I just had no idea how quickly we were going to reach four kids.

The procedure itself was nothing too difficult. They did inject something to numb the scrotal area for the outpatient procedure. I remember the doctor being an old military doctor who did thousands of these over in Japan. I kept thinking to myself as he was cracking hysterical joke after hysterical joke - "my God this guy should have been on M*A*S*H". As he was finishing up, I began to smell an odor - apparently I was smelling my own blood. They pretty much patched everything up, and I was on my way, *****-free for the first time in my life!

The recovery, while painful for the first few days, really wasn't much of a problem either. I had to keep ice on the scrotal area for several days, and it really only hurt when the kids would come running up and jump on Daddy's knee. The pain itself was much like getting hit in the balls during sports... it hurt for a few, then it was gone.

So now we've been baby-free for four years! That's saying something considering the previous eight years produced four children.

I highly recommend the procedure, and want to tell all the guys out there who are fighting their wives on this - don't - it's an easy "needle" to "take for the team".
ambroseguy80 ambroseguy80
46-50, M
Nov 27, 2012