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The Funniest Advice.

When I had my vasectomy, the MD gave me a good strategy for dealing with the discomfort. To paraphrase "get a six-pack of beer you like.  Put one between your legs and drink one.  When you are done with that, take the one from between your legs to drink and replace it with another cold one."
GTR1400 GTR1400 61-65, M 3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

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hummm... my doc is saying no alcohol 2 days before or after the surgery

Love it....Can tell these patients this...And everyone will laugh! Thanks.

An excuse to drink beer with an awesome purpose. Send that doc more patients.

Thank you. I have always wondered at men who must know that their partners do suffer side effects from birth control and cannot make the simple decision to make their partner's lives a little more comfortable.

It baffles me too. Birth control dumps a lot of stuff in a woman's body and many have side effects. A man getting snipped makes her life a lot easier and really has no consequences for a man's system.

No consequences is what you are told, its just not true. 2/3's of men will develop an autoimmune disease (reaction to *****) due to a vasectomy. The body does not reabsorb the *****, the body attacks it as a foreign intruder. You can do some research on this topic if you don't believe me, just don't go to the pro-vasectomy sites thinking you will find it. There are other things that happen to the testicles as well.