Procedure Was A Breeze, Recovery Not So Much

I am now 7 days post-op and surfing the net looking for an explanation as to why I am now a week later feeling more pain. I was really only able to take 1 night off after I had mine done on a Thursday afternoon. I had to take care of my two small children the next day and a very pregnant/ill wife.

I was happy leaving the docs office as the procedure wasn't painful at all, felt like the doc was messing with a wet warm wash cloth on my crotch. I felt a slight sting with the first numbing as I expected, then just a slight ache when he injected my right side.

My incision was very small and clean, has healed nicely. I had some initial very minimal swelling and bruising in two spots. Doc said he didn't have to root around at all apparently my stuff was all right there where he could get it.

I know I did not take it as easy as I should have and now I think I'm paying for it. Had first "test fire" today as it was day 7 and everything worked, but now I have swelling and discomfort. No we didn't go crazy and abuse my junk. Not sure if it was the testing or just over-working myself and not taking it as easy as doc suggested. I would have sat on my butt if I could have, but that wasn't in the cards.

I have propped my boys up with a rolled up sock and that provides some relief, tight briefs alone provided no help. Feels like my right testicle is being pulled down and very sensitive to touch, like a slight touch feels like i've been hit in that ball.

I've seen all the horror stories which did little but make me think I'm doomed to a life of pain and possible ball removal.

Are there any GOOD stories that can help reassure me that I'm not going to die?
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I'm 3 weeks out thing the same thing.

I got mine done a few years back and healed fine. As for sex I aired on the side of caution and waited 6 weeks before trying and it was fine. Sex isn't a problem, however I have heard of others that cant function to well after the snip. This generally turns out to be psychological and stems from a fear that by having part of your junk removed makes you less of a man. As well as fear that you won't be able to perform. All I can say is let time heal your wounds and the rest will fall into place.

Hey, my brother got a vas at age 25 last fall. He had the pain you describe but now he's finally better. He says he did it bay jacking off every day at least whether he wanted to or not! Not the worst treatment in the world if it works. Good luck.

Thanks for the input guys, glad to know that I'm not crazy. Things are getting better slowly. Took a nasty hit to the nuts the other day and it hurt more than it should have, or would have pre-procedure. Still no sex tho, TMI I know but just saying we haven't gone for a full test drive yet due to other reasons not related to this snip snip. Anyway just wanted to say thank you for the non-fear inducing stories.

I have been in pain since day 1, over 2 years ago. 2 surgeries and $100,000 later and still trying to get my life back. I have not seen any increased sexual frequency which also seems to be a theme in this forum.

Your procedure is to recent to know weather or not you will have chronic pain for the rest of your life. At your 2 week followup bring up any concerns that you have with your doctor. As far as ball removal, that would be extreme and unadvisable. There are doctors that specialize in these areas and you might eventually have to seek them out if your pain does not seem to subside. Be prepared for lots of meds if things don't calm down after awhile. The profession seems to think that STI's are a big culprit in most post vasectomy pain. After that it will be anti-inflammatories and pain suppressors. Just remember that most of the time the odds are in your favor.

One last thing, be sure and do yourself and your wife a favor, get your ***** count checked, you don't want to find out later that you are not sterile. A friend of a friend had 3 vas tubes no one side.

I bruised up pretty nicely after but the pain wasn't bad at all, looked worse then it felt. I did have some on and off discomfort (aching) in my left testicle over the next couple of months but nothing too bad and it has since gone away totally. I am thrilled to have had it done and only wish I had done it sooner. No more condoms, BC or worries, can be totally spontaneous.

I had discomfort in my left testicle for a couple months afterwards. Felt like it was being tugged on. It went away gradually. There are a lot if nerve endings and blood flow in that area. Give it time to heal. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned. That's what you paid him for, follow up as well as the snippy. But if you are seeing significant swelling you should call right away. I hope it all works out well and you start to feel more comfortable. It will definitely start to feel better when you are cleared to run bareback full time. You will not even think about what else went on in that area :-)