Abortion And Divorce

About 10 years ago I was married to my first wife and we got pregnant about 8 months in to our marriage. We had known each other for about 9 years before getting married. I was so excited that we were going to have our fist child together.
I was going to school full time and working part time. I decided it was batter for me to find a job months before the baby was born, so I could prove myself to my employer. I didn't want to get a job after the baby was born and risk getting fired for being late or under productive due to a new born being at home. She disagreed with my idea to get a job before hand.
She and I discussed it and went round and round until she got so pissed she started throwing pots and pans at my yelling "You are gonna **** up mine, and my babies life!" There was no reasoning with her. She wanted every thing her way. I finished out the semester and during that point was offered a really good job with great benefits. I signed up for part time classes for the next semester. It still was not good enough for her. She kicked me out of our home.
We meet and tried to talk a couple of times. She claimed she wanted to compromise. I always understood a compromise and both party give a little, not her definition. She started demanding that I pay her alimony of $1500 a month before the child was born and $4000 after. I was only making around $1300 at that time.
She had me messed up emotionally pretty bad. I was served divorce papers at work about a month after she kicked me out. I thought I was going to lose my job, it was difficult keeping my composure. I would get so teary eyed at times I would have to go hide. Thankfully my boss was understanding and didn't give me grief.
Around the 8 1/2 month period I got a call form an high school friend. Friend calls me at work (which was a big no no) and tells me we need to talk after work today, cannot wait. Ok? She and her boyfriend come over to my place and give me a beer and make me take a couple tokes of green before telling me what was up. So I am a little toasty at this point and get hit with "ex-wife does not look a day pregnant." WTF??? I called her dad and asked him to level with me man to man. He tell me she lost the baby.
I developed PTSD from this.
Ran into the ex a few months later and she tells me she had an abortion right after kicking me out. I said; "Thanks for letting me know, you put me thru hell for 8 months." She was so cold.
I went to a vascular surgeon the next day. Couple weeks later, not able to have kids.

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Sometimes you want to severely hit women over the head that are like that. It is crazy that she had such a bipolar attitude about everything. And you would THINK after knowing somebody for almost a decade that you truly know them enough, but it always turns out you never knew them.

so sad. sorry....