3 Days And Counting

As a native of Venezuela, I grew up with the mentality that contraception was for women to worry about and that nobody was going to get closed to my junk with a scalpel...ever!

When my wife had my second child, we had a discussion about contraception and I basically told her "There is no way I am getting a vasectomy, figure out what you are going to do but I won't do anything" so she looked into surgery for her and went through it...we had a confirmation that the surgery (Tubal obstruction) was successful via ultra sound and I even paid $1,200 for a dye x-ray to confirm without a doubt that the surgery had worked as expected. The X-ray "confirmed" that her tubes were completely shut.

What a blessing not to worry about contraception...it was awesome and we enjoyed this freedom for months.

Then she got pregnant. About 8 months after confirmation and a private re-confirmation of her being sterile, she (somehow) was pregnant. We were assured that our case was one for the record books but I was too focused on her pregnancy to think about that stuff.

As the pregnancy went along, I started researching about the unspeakable procedure called vasectomy. In non third-world countries vasectomy is chosen quite often and the pain the men goes through is just a fraction of any other permanent procedure available for women, let along child birth. Since I am a person who trusts reason and science more then cultural knowledge, I told my wife that if she had a natural birth, I was going to step up and have it done. The idea was that if she had a c-section, the doctor could cut, remove and burn her tubes during the surgery instead of me having this done.

Well, she gave birth to my third child back in December naturally, just like the previous two.

3 days ago I had my vasectomy...the anticipation is THE ABSOLUTE WORST PART of the process. The initial pain of the needle to locally numb the parts is probably the worse pain of the whole procedure but is not so bad. I will not say that it feels like nothing, it will hurt but you just have to man up and think about how many people have it worse than you, a needle on your testicles is nothing compared to any pain your wife went through.

The procedure was pretty quick; one cut in the middle (base of my penis) and lots of sounds of scissors cutting and stuff being burned (the smell is not the best). I was sent home after 20 minutes with a gauze pressuring my testicles inside my underwear and under the effects of Valium.

I got home and for the next 36 hours I followed the doctor's instructions by the book. Ice on/off in 20 minute intervals and pain medication (Ibuprofen 800 mgr) even tough I didn't feel like I needed it.

My wife treated me like a king and made sure I didn't have to move for anything, except to go to the bathroom.

On Saturday I spent most of the day in bed, even though the doctor said I could sit around I decided to go beyond the orders and stayed in bed until around 4:00 PM, at that point I got out of bed, sat on the couch for a little it, played with the kids (while sitting in the couch) and then went back in bed. Later that night, I went out to get some dinner, I was feeling good but when I got home I felt like maybe I over did it a little bit going out to get food and groceries to I got in bed until the next day going back to ice in 20 minute intervals and containing the ibuprofen.

I was expecting pain this morning but nothing extraordinary, just regular pain on the vas internally, wherever the doctor made the cut. I went out and walked around a lot and feel just fine. My junk didn't turn black and blue or any other color for that matter, it didn't get swollen or bled. I feel like a million bucks. My Doctor (Townsend at Urology Associates) is the best at what he does, if you live in the Atlanta Metro area, go there, I am freaked out by any surgery, injections and other medical procedure so take it from me when I say that Dr. Townsend is the very best.

I've read the stories where people feel great a couple of days in and then around 5-7 days all hell breaks loose so I can't say I will be perfect forever but comparing some post-op stories to mine, I feel very thankful...I even think this guy just cut the base of my penis, acted like he was doing something for a while and then stiched me back up because I honestly feel great.

My advise to you is, first: man up; think about the pain your significant other went through several times in most cases, if that's not enough, think about soldiers that get limbs blown up and are shot multiple times out there in the Middle East. If you can't man up for your wife, do it for America! - Second: find a good doctor, don't make a Craiglist search and go to the guy that offers 0% financing and a $15 gift card to Sonic with the procedure...don't just go for the convenient option (I.E. the closest to your house), this is a procedure you will go through once, you want it done correctly once and as painless as possible, find the best professional you can get. Third: follow the instructions for after the surgery; yes, I know it feels like you can go mow the lawn 4 hours after the surgery or maybe you miss the gym now that you made that New Years resolution but trust me, follow the direction whether you need it or not, or even better exceed the expectations of the post op instructions like I did.

I hope this eases your nerves about the procedure, what you find is often the bad stories so I hope a good one helps.

Good luck!
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7-Day Update: Everything is going great on this side, still a little bit of discomfort but overall getting better every day. Didn't get the whole 5-7-day "everything went to hell" symptoms. As the days go by, I'm happier and happier I did it; yes it hurts to some degree and yes it sucks having to recover for a few days and the constant discomfort when you are walking around and going up the stairs for maybe a couple of weeks but who wouldn't trade a couple of weeks of discomfort (I.E. Imagine somebody tapping slightly each testicle with each step you walk) for decades of worry-free, balls-to-the-wall, anytime-anywhere sex!?

For a while after the surgery you will be still fertile; it is estimated that it will take about 15 ejaculations for you to be completely sterile. I'm already a fifth of the way (three days in a row) in and I don't see the difference. Everything feels the same, looks the same, shoots the same...again, it feels like the doctor didn't do anything!

I'll keep you guys posted, but if you are reading this and thinking about doing it...DO IT!

I have to agree with you. i had mine 13 years ago in the chair at the doctors surgery. Has he released the vans defer ens from the clamp my stomach felt like i was going over a hump back bridge. A little soreness when the anesthetic wore off but other than that not a problem was back in work two days after the op.