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Finally Did It and Am Glad It's Over

Well, hee hee, I'm still a little sore!  In case you want to know, the surgery itself was painless; getting the local anesthetic hurt like h*ll though: the shot made me arch my back up off the little table!  My scr*tum is not a good place to feel poking and burning.    Anyway, that part was very brief, kind of like a mild bee sting, so I'm not complaining; my wife went through six Cesarean deliveries so I would look pretty wimpy if I did.

They put me in a small room with an exam table covered with pads.  I sat in a chair while a pretty young nurse asked me some general health questions, preoperative stuff.  She left after telling me to pull off my pants, sit on the table and cover up with a sheet.  Then it was wait, too long, maybe a half hour. 

The doctor came in finally and made sure I knew what we were there for.  He gave me the local anesthetic; I endured it; then he did the deed.  Before cutting anything he worked the vas deferens out from a bundle of blood vessels; that was so when he made his tiny incisions he wouldn't have to dig around to find the tubes he was looking for, they'd be right there below the surface. 

I didn't feel a thing while he was cutting, not even during the extra stitch he put in on one side to stop the prolonged oozing of blood, only one stitch needed on the other side.  Wife drove me home while I held an ice pack on my crotch (to keep the swelling and bruising down).  I had a little pain, kind of a dull ache, once in a while over the evening after the surgery, and last night too: about 4 a.m. I got up and went for the ice pack again.  This morning I feel pretty okay, very slight ache between my legs but it's improving fast (I walk carefully for now). 

The doctor told me the old ***** cells would flush out in fifteen ejaculations and then I take in a ***** sample to confirm that I am sterile...they give you eight weeks to have fifteen ejaculations!  Wow, I'll be done in less than half that time. 

I started this group to let people know the surgery wasn't a big deal.  Less than twenty-four hours later and I feel fine, just a little tender. 

Best regards everyone!

from Ward
ward ward 56-60, M 15 Responses Jun 21, 2007

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yes that was my experince too..the thing that bemused me was the small poorly shaped plastic vessel they give u to take a sample of ***** from time to time until u r sterile.u relly do have to innovate

I can't imagine under what circumstances you would want your testicles removed. A urologist would be the one to ask and he would have real reservations. Your testicles have 2 important purposes: production of ***** and production of testosterone.<br />
<br />
The cessation of ***** delivery is easy and that's the plan of a vasectomy. If you have your testicles removed you will have a dramatic drop in testosterone. Besides causing muscle tissue loss weight gain you may also get "man-breasts" (because of the hormonal inbalance). In addition, it can lead to all kinds of emotional problems. <br />
<br />
The male body is NOT designed for operating on a ultra-low testosterone level. There is no medically sound reason for having your testicles removed. If you're looking for a gender change this too is not the route.

17Bucks sounds unreal. I assume its out patient on clinic only?I've Wanted it done a while but o want the testicles they do this if requested ?

I thought there is a "no surgury" option that essentially entails inserting a tube in your urethra and then using a balloon head on it to crush the vas deferns. <br />
<br />
ANyone know about this?

Never heard of that one, the tube insertion option. Surgery wasn't bad for me; it sounds like other people had problems with it though...

I had this done ,but it was the worst decision I have ever made,been in some sort of pain ever since.

It appears that some comments are gone. I hadit done under a local. It is no big deal. Some chicken heart guys I know had a general anastheasia which cost them over a thousand $ even more now. It is a bigger risk knocking someone out for such an operation and basically over servicing. I had the tubes cauterised when mine was done all up cost $17. Pretty cheap contraception, no nasty long term pills for the wife and bob's your uncle no worries about more kids, 2 good strong healthy ones is enough.

Alcohol would not be a good idea because it thins the blood and could cause more bleeding. I think that if you are especially nervous, the doc can give you a mild sedative to chill the old nerves.

Scotch sounds wonderful! I hope it works out well for you, the vasectomy I mean. It sounds like you have a full sized family. <br />
<br />
Warm regards,<br />
<br />

Maybe alcohol would be okay with an understanding doctor. I wonder whether it would cause problems otherwise though...

General anesthetic makes the procedure quite a bit more involved; I think it becomes "major surgery" at that point, but am not an MD so I'm not sure. It's not that big a deal for most people but if your husband has some kind of phobia then maybe it would be bad for him...I couldn't say. Have you looked into getting yourself fitted with an IUD? That is an alternate birth control method that might be a good option for you. That my wife was going through so much risking another pregnancy was enough for me, you know, her age is getting up there and pregnancy/delivery is so hard on her too, I saw the light and went for the vasectomy. It beats abstinence! Ha ha!

Yeah, it was a little sore for me too. They had warned me to bring an ice pack, which I did; they even kept the ice for me in the clinic freezer until I was done and on my way out to go home. It was sore down there for a few days and then it was pretty much back to normal, didn't notice any thickening but maybe it's there. I don't even think about it anymore.

Luci: it was a bit hard to see everything done as the incisions are done below the testicles, not much to see. <br />
<br />
Monty: I'm smiling over your remark, my wife said something like that too.

Such nice comments, gee thanks. I didn't watch the procedure as the table/chair was reclined too much. The doctor explained to me while he was starting the operation that the vas deferens is thicker than the blood vessels which surround it, so he could easily find it from outside my scrotum with his fingers. The passage for the ***** is very tiny though, "almost microscopic" he said, and that's why it is so hard to reverse the vasectomy: it's hard to match up the openings when you sew things back together.

Sounds like the dentist: Getting numb hurt worse than getting it done ;-P Glad to hear it went well!

Good to know!! My fiance is wanting to have one done. He watched an episode of According to Jim and when the doc whips out the needle my fiance freaked!!! So did you watch the procedure being done?