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Back to Normal, Full Recovery

Well guys, it was nothing; a week after my vasectomy I was fully recovered, not a bit of tenderness even.  Sex has not changed one iota!  Nothing else has changed either, as far as I can tell.  Have no fear! 
ward ward 56-60, M 2 Responses Jul 1, 2007

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I disagree. It is an office visit for a man, this is true but, it is cutting on a mans genitals where as with women it is not. Major surgery, not anymore. There are new options on the market and I encourage everyone to learn what they are before signing up for any elective surgery. I have been fighting post vasectomy pain syndrome for over 2 years now, spent over $100,000 in operations and countless medications and doctors visits to try and eliminate my pain. For such a "simple and safe" procedure it has turned into a living nightmare. The doctors play down the risk because it is such a "cash cow" for them, they don't go into great detail about the more severe complications from the procedure. They also don't tell you that you will have to travel to the ends of the earth trying to find someone that truly knows how to treat PVPS. But what you will find are surgeons that are more than willing to do additional surgery to remove things that should never be removed. Every couple needs to do their due-diligence and understand just how bad, bad can be before signing up for something that they truly don't understand.

Keep in mind that there are only 2 full proof ways of preventing a pregnancy, abstinence and a hysterectomy.

Hmm-m, funny how bad cases like yours don't get broadcast that much. I never knew there could be such problems, not from the pre-op literature I got from the doctor. Thanks for your input.

It does make a lot more sense for the man to do it, doesn't it? It's just an office procedure for men, major surgery for women to get sterilized. Thanks for your comment vanilla.