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Somebody Asked Me About Finding the Scars

I got emailed a question about vasectomy scars from a member concerned that the question was too forward.  It did not seem too forward at all.  I'm glad the other EP member felt comfortable asking me about it and I will try to answer the question.

When I read the email question about finding vasectomy scars, I had to take a look myself!  After the vasectomy the urologist used only one stitch to close the incision on each side; then I had a little oozing of blood from one side so he added another stitch there to close it. 

The continued bleeding on that side was very minor, similar to what might result from a cut a guy might get when shaving.  The incision remains slightly red and I can see "thread" from the suture still, which will eventually dissolve and disappear; otherwise I probably would not be able to find the very tiny surgical wound. 

The incision is on the scrotum on each side of the shaft, a little bit to either side of the center, a 3/4 inch maybe, and about an inch down from where the wrinkly scrotum skin meets the smoother skin of the penis. 

The location of the incision might vary depending on the surgeon, each one might have a technique he or she prefers.  Locating the scar of an older, fully healed, vasectomy might be even harder because the color might not be any different than the rest of the scrotum, and it is wrinkly down there so change in texture at the incision site would not be so pronounced. 

You might be able to find it more easily with a magnifying glass, and gently stretching the scrotum in the area where you are looking in order to smooth out the wrinkles and bumpiness. 

All this information is based on looking at my own scrotum; I have never examined anyone else's scrotum so I can't say for sure that it would be the same on all of them, but I have no reason to believe mine is any different from any others.  {-8

I hope you found the above a clear and helpful description of a vasectomy incision site.

Best regards,

ward ward 56-60, M 8 Responses Jul 4, 2007

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Yes you can see the scars if your doctor is a real jerk. I had 5 stitches on each incision site. I can see the scars from 4 feet away from the mirror, which would be equivalent to 8 feet away. I had my procedure done in 2010 by a young doctor with10 years of experience.

My doctor closed the vasectomy incisions with one stitch, then had to put in a second stitch on one side for some reason; he apologized, saying a second stitch was rarely needed.

My two incisions are 99.9% invisible after a year. I know where they are, but I don't think my wife could find them even if I shaved my scrotum.

It would be hard to see on wrinkled skin.

Yes, scars are on very wrinkly scrotum; it's too hard to see them there, besides I have to bend over too tightly.

my scar is on my testicies

been wanting to have this done but afraid the cost is gonna be high. What is the average cost? Also I want the testicles completely removed when its done. Is this done sometimes ?

Gee kaycee, removing testicles? Yikes! I think those things still function somehow, making hormones or something, all your life. Why would you want them gone? Oh, I guess it's personal. As far as cost goes, my medical plan covered it and I don't know the cost. Sorry. Call a urologist office and ask them.

Contact your county hospital or Planned Parenthood. They may do these procedures and charge on a sliding scale. It could even be at no cost to you.

Remove a testicle? Why?

Kaycee, you are asking for castration, not a vasectomy. I am half way through the process with planned parenthood. It's December of 2013 and the cost is $667. For that you get a consultation, vasectomy, check up, and the seaman sample. $110 for the consultation then, $557 on the day of the procedure. At he consultation they will have you sign a consent form and it will say sterilization by means of vasectomy. Personally I would not want it to say by means of castration!

It's not much fun when looking on my own, but even using a mirror (one of those magnifying cosmetic types) I cannot see my vasectomy scars. The incisions only took a stitch to close on one side, two on the other, so I know they are small scars. Hair and wrinkles obscure details, make it not the prettiest place to look at also.

LMAO moxie, I was thinking the exact same thing! Even worse would be someone who brought a magnifying glass to bed "uh, honey, what are you doing?". Hee hee hee rotf.<br />
<br />
It is very interesting though.

I pictured myself with my magnifying glass examining and cracked up - I bet if a girl brought a magnifying glass to a date it would give the guy a complex. Just my perverse sense of humor coming to the fore. ROFL<br />
And fore wasn't a pun?