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Three Weeks After Surgery

Just to give you some statistics from my life, which I have only because of that recent vasectomy, I'll let you know that my wife and I had se*x at least nine times since June 20th.  It's the 16th of July now, so that's 27 days, meaning se*x every three days; maybe slightly better than that because I was pretty much unwilling/unable to have sex the first three days after surgery.

I'm keeping count because they told me at the clinic to ejac*ulate 15 times and then bring in a sem*en sample for them to check for spe*rm.  We've had se*x more than 9 times but I haven't ejac*ulated every time, almost, but not.

We haven't been trying to have sex any more or any less than usual, so I would say this is probably normal for us. 

That's it for this story. 
ward ward 56-60, M 4 Responses Jul 16, 2007

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I was told after two samples into a cup for the lab to examine three seaparate weeks after the surgury, that I didn't have to worry.... that the test came back negative. That wasn't real clear to me, so I submitted a third, and the nurse called back to ask why I had submitted a third when the doctor didn't order it. It was just a misunderstanding on how she had worded the results of the second sample, and I was embarassed. She had left the message on OUR ANSWERING MACHINE that my kids could hear! So, she had been cagey, and I misunderstood what she was saying. I have no idea if insurance paid for that last sample.
I know that I've not worried about it since, and our sex life picked up dramatically for a while.

OOPS! I guess my wife and I dodged a bullet because I don't remember being told to wait 15 times! LOL we have one kid as a result of a house fire, one from carelessness during my mother's funeral and we could have had a post vasectomy accident as well! Geeze - THAT one would have sure felt wanted!

A result of a HOUSE FIRE? How does that work? During your mother's funeral? What's that? A sympathy sex session? Or getting busy in the private alcove during the service?

You two must be wild!

That sounds like good advice something2consider. Thanks, and I'll definitely keep it in mind.<br />
<br />

Hey Ward, Just wanted to give my 2 cents to this experiance. It took me well over 60 ejacs before I was shooting blanks. I went to the Dr twice and the last time he said " maybe we cut the wrong thing!!!" You can only imagine my less than calm reaction. Anyway. If you are trying to avoid another pregnancy, wait for a while. Be sure before you go back to releasing inside her.

That's exactly why my doctor had a sample sent to the lab to confirm that she had cut the correct tube. It was her "insurance" against future lawsuits, complaints, etc. I suspect your doctor was joking with you. 60 ejaculations is about 20 times the normal amount they require!

We only submitted one test and they said there were only a few dead ***** cells in there and that one more test ought to confirm good results, but we never went back.

You were probably already safe. And if you continued birth control for one or two more climaxes, you flushed the last out as well.

It worked for us studfinder, five years later: we didn't have anymore kids, six is enough! Hee hee.

I'll be damned if my wife didn't start menopause a few months after I had this surgery done.

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