Not So Bad

Had mine done this week. It was far easier than I expected. The local anaesthetic shots to the scrotum were like small pin ******, no big deal at all - for those of you afraid of this, remember they're not injecting your testes, just the skin of the scrotum at first, then the vas later (you don't feel anything at that point). At no point are your balls injected - that would be terrifying to me. There was mild discomfort as the doc held my testes during the procedure - the room was cold and he put warm compresses on my sac to relax it, but as you know, they do pull up when it gets cold, so holding them firmly made them a bit tender, but no big deal. With all the betadine on them, they felt especially cool. I know some guys are afraid of getting an erection - I could feel a little swelling when the nurse put the warm compresses on but I never got hard. And if I did I wouldn't have cared - it's normal enough. I was very relaxed throughout the whole thing and chatted a lot.

I had it done at a teaching hospital, so there was a resident present to whom each step was explained (which I found interesting.) I know everyone raves about using frozen peas afterward, but they gave me the icepack they had used to ice down the area for 20 minutes after. It was far better than peas -- the small ice cubes  stay colder longer than tiny peas and contour just fine to the area. It was refillable so I've kept using it a couple times an hour. I've had no bruising at all and feel amazingly good after 48 hours. I think the ice and rest were key. The nurse said total rest the first 24 hours was critical to recovery. I'm glad I listened, because I felt fine and would have gone back to work otherwise.

Beforehand the shaving of my balls was an odd feeling, having never done it. So smooth and soft (for now - I'm sure the stubble will suck later.) I found it very arousing and had good sex with my wife afterwards though I'll feel a bit conspicuous in the lockerroom for a while.

I do feel generally okay now - a mild ache similar to a minor case of blue balls. The hardest thing is I feel very horny and was told by the doc to  not ********* for a week. After a lifetime of being able to ********** or have sex whenever I needed to release tension, it is hard to abstain. But really, in the big picture, it's no big deal.


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Feb 13, 2010