And It May Have Been The Smartest Thing I Ever Did

The relief of not having to worry about contraceptives is immense. I can *** when I please, where I please, and as many times as I please without having to worry about a life altering event occurring. Anyone who doesn't plan on raising any more kids than they currently have (including zero, if that's your number) should get this done. If you don't, you're just setting yourself up for a big mess. Granted it hurts, but it's just a wierd pain, not an intense one. It doesn't decrease the value of you libido or sensation of ****** in any way. Your partner won't be able to notice any difference in taste, and there is no change in volume. You just don't have any swimmers diving into the pool. Don't contemplate it! Just do it. The ever increasing poopulation will thank you.

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I also had this done about four years ago.... I agree with you about all except the volume. My doctor, and the accompanying pamphlet said that volume remains at about 80% of previous levelszq

Okay, I am a female who is genuinely curious about the male body. So, if my understanding is correct about this procedure, a guy will still experience *********** though there aren't any actual ***** involved anymore. Interesting. I can see how it would make sex a lot more spontaneous for both partners.

Did it myself and my lover and I find it to be such a wonderful thing to have done. Plus anymore now days they do it where it is done in a doc's office and 20 minutes your out. Got to walk tender for a week but about 2 weeks later everything is right as rain....