Archangel Michael

I was at the lowest time of my life when this happened. I realise now that this was what happened to me. After this incident I secretly had dreams and visions that i was what I saw and experienced..I thought for a while that i was an arch after experiencing only the mere essence of a very powerful angel of God. This changed my whole life around, made me see and pray and wish for different things that the world would pray for.
I read that there is seven archangels that protects and lead and guides those that where born on their certain assigned days of the week. I was born on a Sunday,and I only read and learned about this divine protection after I prayed and believed and shouted out to God and Jesus to hear my prayers and save me and be with me and stop my suffering because I rather want to die ...This was when Michael the Archangel protected me the second time after my prayers of desperation,,He/She protected me from judgement when the whole world was against me and wanted to say im bad..Through my arch of birth He made them quiet and made my saving by grace official and publical..I saw how they couldnt speak when they wanted to because THE LORD zipped their lips when they wanted to and He/She known what they wanted to say was judgemental before it could reach their lips..
After this experience my life was blessed with everything worldly and earthly needed..My husband I wnt from sleeping in a old worn car to business owners, and the small business  was blessed since then also in so many ways,can you get a idea of who God is and how much He love His son that only prayer to Jesus is enough to save..Guess I needed more convincing , that is why a essence of His Archangels visited me.Changing my whole world and thinking patterns. Every night I say "Thank you Jesus" for a roof over my head, a warm bed, ect.. I pray: Jesus, God, I know you have a heart for the homeless, The Ones who have to go to bed every night without something to fill their stomachess, who doesnt know where there next meal will come from and where and which their "bed" will be tonight", and YOU MY LORD knows them by name,the ONES on the street, THE WIDOWS and THE POOR. Actually YOU have got a soft spot for them MY LORD,.Blessed be your NAME FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.
My first encounter with this Archangel, if you want to know, was when He showed me a glimps of who God is and wat He is capable of and how He feels about us..A GOD of LOVE and MERCY who never looks down on the simple and poor people of this world. (I had a wide awake vision of God standing in my living room, looking straight at me and while smiling at me I realised that this was the most peaceful and most calmest moment im ever going to have, the image was not so bright (dont think a human can handle a stronger clearer image) but the ring surrounding GOD (aura?) was one of presence, omnipotence, and pure pure love. I couldnt look at this directly and automatically turned my head away and l"looked"out of the corner of my eye at this fascinating appearance,
The message was and peace I have for you, you (earthlings) dont realize how much, and how much I understand your failures and weeknesses, and how many times I will forgive you even if you dont ask for that forgiveness. The only thing I will held back is my BLESSINGS until you ask Me for that too.
Since that day my life changed completely. I still to this day have the same flaws and impurities I had before that, but the difference is I realise it now and work hard to correct it, and I know God sees that and that is why He is still with me, blessing me, standing by me, protecting me, and loving me. I also see dangers very much clearer now, it is as if God opened my mind, and I dont live and think in a box anymore because He opened my eyes and made me acceptable to blessings and grace and see so much way outs that I never in this lifetime would feel cornered or imprisoned again.
Please let me know if someone had similiar experiences. I would love to hear about it
The truth was that God never appeared directly, but through His angel only gave a glimps of Himself, The archangel protected me by shielding me from Gods direct power because me as a creation of Him would never have survived mentally, spiritually or otherwise if I was to face God directly. But It had to happen so I could see and experience and share this with others.
Love and peace
astrid69 astrid69
36-40, F
Dec 1, 2012