Don't Put Your Elbows On the Table!

I went to the doctor the other day over some bumps that have been on my elbows for several weeks now. I had tried calidryl, cortisone cream, and even some cream my daughters doctor had given her for an allergic reaction. Nothing was getting rid of these things. While the nurse was working me up I had joked saying that I think it may be herpes. We cut up for a few moments over my comment and then it was time to see the doc. I sit down and he asked to see the bumps. I held up my elbow and he says " That is monoscum contagiosis" HUH? " an STD" Hold up, this is on my elbow!!!! He says " in your case a VTD, viraly transmitted disease." He starts thumbing through the medical book reading it to me and of course it sound like a foriegn language to me. He tells me that it could take 2 months or more to get rid of the bumps and up to 2 years to fully get rid of the virus!!!! Wow, at this point I am completely stunned and having a hard time coping with my latest diagnosis. He told me that I mor than likely contracted it from putting my elbows on the counters at work. He said probably a man who went to the bathroom, shook his ding dong and didn't wash, infected the counter. Or it could have been from a dining table in restraunt. But more probable the first guess. Gross!!!! So I was perscribed Compound W. For those of you who have never used burns like hell!!! It's acid pretty much and it is suppose to peel the bumps away layer by layer. The firt day I used it I thought i was allergic to it because it hurt so bad. I tried washing it off but this **** sticks to you like super glue and you have to jsut wait for it to flake off. After it dries it looks like glue all over your skin too!! So anyway I just kind of slapped it on there, screamed for 15min until the burning quit and the next day after it had peeled off I had red marks all around the bumps where it had burned my skin. Note to self: be more careful putting it on. I have to use this stuff 2 or 3 times a day for 12 weeks and today was the first time I didn't have to grit my teeth at the pain. Don't get me wrong, it still hurt. After I told my fiance I had a so called Std he asked if I was had been sleeping with someone else. ( I guess he had the right since I hadn't told him yet where it was I had it.) I said no honey I've just been giving elbow jobs!!!So please please everyone remember to wash your hands after using the bathroom and if you work at a place where others are touching the same counters and tables as you....Buy Lysole Whipes!!!!
Luci Luci
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ITs not Monoscum ... LOL - its call Moluscum and its NOT an STD - HA HA HA ... I am cracking up - yes it is contagious, but usually adults don't contract it - but if you had a week immune system then you could - IV antibiotics will clear them up pretty quick (about 2 weeks) if you let them heal on their own, it can spread, and could take 6 months to years to clear up.
I had these before my pancreas shut down, and they were able to get rid of almost all of them in the hospital, however they do surface from time to time on my elbows.

I have a 10 yr old son who out of no where started getting these bumps on his face arms and back.....took him to the docotor because i thought it was a heat rash or chicken pox.....she told me it was monoscum. Didn't explain though that this is what it was......just said he may of got it from playing baseball or ball with the kids on the street. Told me to keep him clean and lotion'd with cetaphil. Today i asked to see a dermatologist just because i dont like the fact they r not going away and she said she is going to call in a perscription that the dermatologist would give him if this does not work then she will send him. WTF???? And how the hell did he get this.

much better now! It actually only about a weeks worth of using the med to clear it. Haven't had a problem since!

Wow. I have never heard of that before. How are you doing now??

Wow, what an exciting thing to discover. My sympathies.

DON'T LIE, LUCY! You had kinky elbow s*x!! =O