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School Bully Wedgie

Ok i have had a bully since the third grade, now i am a freshman in high school and i still have the same bully that torments me everyday, Jared.  So I thought that you might like to know why this guy torments me everyday.

So when i was in the third grade i didnt have a lot of friends so i was kindof an outcast. I only had one friend named Brandon. One day me and Brandon were out at recess and i said that we should toss around a football. So Brandon got all pissed and said no so i punched in really hard in the arm and since he is so weak i could beat him up so he said ok. So we started tossing around the football and since Brandon is not athletic when i threw the football and he missed it and guess who it soon to be bully Jared. So Jared was really pissed off and when he found out that i threw the foot ball he came over and started punching me and when i fell to the ground i guess my tighty whites waistband so he grabs them and starts yanking them up to my head.It really hurt and then he picked me up by my underwear and hangs me up by the biggest slide he could find and everyone started laughing. Then Jared came and pantsed me in front of everyone including this girl Lisa Zora who i had a major crush on. Then i really had to use the bathroom and so i pissed myself and everyone started laughing even harder than they were before.Then when recess was over no one got me down not even Brandon so i hung there for about an hour until a teacher found me and got me down and took me to the nurses office to get some pants and to clean up. So after that day he gives me wedgies everyday at school but now i am used to them. So that is my story thanks for reading.
gamer95 gamer95 13-15, M 1 Response Aug 25, 2011

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This is sad you should here mine but I can't post them do you know how to?