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Older Siblings Suck

When I was about 11 my parents were at work and my sisters ask if i wanted to go swimming with them at there friends house. I told them no because my sisters friends are complete bimbos. So I stay home with my two idiot brothers, Frank and Jason. Me and my brothers were just watching tv in the basement when Frank jumps on top of meand starts punching me and giving me noogies. Jason then looks overand sees wat frank was doing and pushes Frank off and starts punching me and kneeing me in my balls. I then punched him in the gut and he got off me and i fell face first on the floor. I guess Jason saw my tighty whites, which my mom gets me all the time, and yanks them up to my head. After he was done giving me an atomic wedgie, Frank then comes over and turns me around and starts giving me a melvin. Frank then turns me around and starts giving me a squeaky clean wedgie. Then both of my brothers both pick me up by my tighty whites and hang me by my underwear in a closet. Then they just left me there. I had to wait to hours later for my sisters to come home and when they found me they started laughing and taking pictures then shut the door. So i hung there for about another hour or two still my underwear ripped. My a** hurt for the rest of the day and i was so pissed off.
gamer95 gamer95 13-15, M 2 Responses Aug 24, 2011

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Wish I had your brothers...

ow,that really hurts,like alot