Never knew It

When I started bedwetting again after many years of staying dry I found out I had a pad on my mattress. I never knew this because my mother always makes the beds.
When I asked my mother about it she commented she had never removed it, just in case I would have an accident, and she didn't want a ruined mattress. So I said 'But mom, I am already sixteen!' , but immediately I realised I had made a mistake, because she answered that she proved to be right after all, because I just had peed in bed, at my age!
I am using diapers since then, but there is still this pad in bed, because diapers can leak.
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Do you want to be my diaper wearing slave boy?

I have also had a waterproof pad on my bed since I started wetting the bed again when in my teens.

I was still wetting the bed most nights at 16

Yeah, I found out by now I'm not the only one.
Probably my mother knew teenagers still may have accidents.

I'm almost 38 and I started wetting a cupple years ago

So you were dry all the time up till then, or had you been bedwetting before?
Did anything happen that provoked the wetting?

I have been dry sense I was potty trained except a little bit when I was 8 but other then that I've been dry, started wetting do to a disability that I have called Strege-webber syndrome it make it so that the singles going from the Blatter to the brain can't always get thorough, so seance I started wetting I've stayed diapered. I'd much rather wet that then my paints. My mom aunt and a few close friends know my mom and aunt know for med reasons and friends for sport and it's more like there they are family

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