of snow!!! Geesh get your mind out of the gutter already lol.

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That sounds interesting! I'll bet Silva is sneaking up right now!

No actually that picture was given to me by someone on here when I wrote my Chistmas story 2 years ago along with a note of thanks bc she and her hubby acted out my story.

Yes, it's all about being a little girl again---with a 9-inch lollipop?

Because the lollipop is a happy picture for me.

Fungirlmmm, you accused us of dirty-mindedness, but why'd you put that lollypop-sucking as the group logo instead of a nice scene we could use on a Christmas card next year?

I sure did! I have been "sub"missive for many years now. LOL

Did you go to Subway??????<br />
<br />

hehe! true but better than getting accused of being a man when I refuse to send them. LOL

Hehe! yeah right.... you were hoping I would post his picture out of uniform. LOL!!!! <br />
<br />
<br />
((note to those that do not know me!!)) I would NEVER share my man and the comment above is a amongst friends. Please do not PM me asking for pix because it will never happen. I respect myself and him too much for that.

Oh my y'all! :)

It snows a lot around here to - are you a meterologist? - how long have you been one?

*runs in giggles and blushes and runs out *

LOL This is a good one! ;)

How did you (s)now?

hehe! made you look.

Mine is now hard and (f)rigid...


It was deep too Jennifer. lol<br />
<br />
Come on over... all we have is cold water at the moment.

Actually this snow is soft but it is really wet with the ice underneath.

LOL OSS. We are getting more tonight too. It sucks!!!<br />
<br />
Wilmaaa, Hehe only if you have a naughty mind lol!