My First Time With 'sharon'

That's what I named her. I got the UH-60 Black Hawk Havoc... She cost me just over $30 at a Target located inside a major city.

Ok... So we've all seen the TV commercials I am sure.... So I'll just spit out what I have learned beyond that :-)

- The remote control takes 6 AA batteries, not included of course. I got 8 at CVS for just under $7 (store brand).

- The helicopter herself is powered by an internal battery (read instructions fully before playing with one of these and take their word over mine of course) and oddly enough there are warnings in the instructions about not sticking anything into her out of fear the battery might by punctured. And they say "WARNING!". Does she explode? They don't say and I'd rather not find out :-D ... Anyway, the battery is charged by opening up a compartment on the remote controller, pulling out a little cable with a plug on the end, plugging this into her, and turning the remote controller on. I of course made sure the helicopter was off first. She has her own on/off switch. Charging seemed to take about 5 minutes(?) the first time. It seemed to take forever at the time but realistically I was just impatient. Maybe a little longer than 5 minutes. I then turned on the helicopter and nothing happened except a blue flashing light on her (that's frankly all I wanted to have happen :-D)

- When they say in the instructions to place her on a flat surface, do so. A carpet does not suffice as I found out. I had suspected this much but was lazy :-D

- To make her take off (again read the instructions), you gently push the left lever upward on the remote controller. The blades of course can spin at a decent velocity without her leaving the ground as I found out skittishly moving the lever a very tiny bit.

- Pushing the lever a little more she left the ground but was spinning around in circles. Did my carpet mishap cause this? I don't know... But you're supposed to be able to fix this by repeatedly hitting one of two buttons labeled "Spin Control/Trim" on the remote depending on which way she's spinning. In fact, this appears to be listed in the instructions as a preliminary step, so maybe is just a common problem.

- I never really got the spinning to go away. Every time I took off I had to adjust for this all over again it seemed. And sometimes I'd get her spinning the other way if I correct too much. I never really got her not to spin...

- When they say "not around other objects" (object-lovers take note) in the instructions they mean it. I hit the ceiling and collided with two of my beloveds. They seem unharmed thankfully. Though I realize what I did here may have been stupid, Sharon is an important part of other plans I have (I like flight and I want to learn about flight, and knowing about flight adds purpose to my life where there currently is none). Tonight I would say to my objects the same thing I would say to them when I accidentally bump into one of them when I'm hurridly cleaning cause maintenance is coming: We all have to make sacrifces in this day and age. Our own people are trying kill us off. Things aren't perfect right now. Elaine and Diane have gotten great sex from me. Sometimes times aren't that great. It's like any other relationship. You try not to hurt anyone you care about sometimes people make bad decisions. In any event, tests with Sharon will continue -outside- tommorow in the morning... When I get more proficient with her, -then- I will fly her indoors. Outside you got wind though... We'll figure out what to do :-D

- The Good and the Bad.... I never really used to the right-side lever. I never really got that far. When Sharon takes off, she doesn't really go haywire positionally. She does spin round and round and round, but she basically stays in the same place (I can't really use the right [directional control] lever until she stops doing that)... Sometimes she'll drift around slowly without directional commands (that's how she got near one of my objects and she also got a little too close to me once...

- I still panic with the controls... If she gets too close the ceiling, she sometimes falls right out of the sky cause I panic (she's made to take crashes quite well actually. I'm not worried that much about permanent harm to her) ... They tell you in the instuctions that most beginners overcompensate and they basically recommend that the floor is better than the ceiling...

- Anywho... How long did Sharon's charge last? I wish I knew... I wasn't timing the whole thing... It wasn't AWESOME battery life, but I did get to play with her long enough so that I wasn't like "OH MAN!" when the battery ran out... I had maybe 12-15 little take offs(?)... maybe lasting about 30 seconds to a minute each? I'll know more how long the battery lasts when I keep her in the air longer. Anyway, when her battery dies, it's not like she just suddenly drops out of the sky. It's more like you have to push the lever father upward to keep her in the air... Eventually she sorta just doesn't get very far of the ground or really of the ground at all, and then you just know she needs a charge.

I just had an interesting thought: This toy is the 00's version of the 70's/80's Mattel(?) toy "Vertibird"... Not that I necessarily want these people to go this way, but the Vertibird people eventually make a "Starship Enterprise" version of their toy. Causes me to wonder if these folks might also want to move their toy into other fantasy genres... I don't like the idea though. This toy and the original Vertibird were meant to be close simulations of something real. When a make a spaceship out of the toy, this no longer a done the same way the spaceship would work in real life (duh!) ... So yeah... You're hearing a side of me talking like some guy who builds model aircraft or something... They want to see the same thing happening as real life, just on a smaller scale... "Daddy daddy! You got me the Gene Roddenberry edition Enterprise with REAL WORKING WARP NACELLS! DADDY YOU'RE THE GREATEST!" "That's ok, it was only $30 at Target"

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Ok... Found the problem... Think I have a tail rotor issue. Will resume eggsperiments when fixed...