Anyone Know How To Remove/clean Tail Rotors On These?

In the instructions they devote a whopping one sentence to eggsplaining this, along with a little diagram that is basically only good enough to hint you need the included special plastic tool to do this and nothing more...

Anyone ever done this successfully?
ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
3 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Of course -real- choppers or even other more eggspensive model ones are much harder I am sure... Mainly I'm just trying to understand "flight" more than anything else. If you were to fly to work in some kind of craft, runway are not commonplace... Personal flying craft would have to be VTOL.

First of all, thanks for helping to make this website what her creators advertise her to be right now... A place where people share eggsperience (I keep typing that into the location line of the browser and still don't find the site... What up? :-D :-D :-D)... But more seriously... What's the procedure? Is the tool merely just an easy way to pull the plastic blades "off the shaft without damaging them, or do you somehow "screw something off" with the thing?<br />
Secondly, I guess the words "Easy to Fly" on the box are sort of a matter of opinion then... :-D

yes. i got one for the holidays. the small one. you have to use that special tool or be very careful and remove tail rotor and get all hair out. even one hair in tail or main rotor will throw off the chopper. tweezers will/should help. use those silly pieces of foil tape on the nose too. they really help. and yes...its incredibly hard learning to fly.