Let's Talk About How This Gizmo Works(?)

You got rotating blades on top whose speed is regulated by how far the left control on the remote is actuated. If the blades aren't spinning fast enough, gravity isn too strong and she falls. Sprinning faster that that point and she gains altitude. I noticed the tail rotor spins regardless(?). Is the tail rotor spinning at a certain speed merely just to counter "the equal and opposite reaction" factor of the top blades spinning? So then if you slow the tailrotor motors she then turns one way and if you speed up the tail rotor motors she turns the other? And is that why we need the little "calibration buttons"? To make sure that tail rotor is always going at exactly the right speed at the neutal setting on the rightside remote "switch"? And is thus why she spins kinda outa control whenever taking off but then points in one direction shortly after? Do real choppers have electronics or whatever that keeps these forces "a little more equal" on take-off to avoid "puking passengers"?
ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
Jul 14, 2010