0400hrs Sunday - March 18th, 2007

I had just finished work 4am in the morning was the time my shift finished... I dont drive and I didnt expect anyone to pick me up at this time of the morning either because I know the trains are running by this time anyway... So Ive gone to the Train Station, bought my ticket and realised I had to wait 30minutes for my train... Thought fair enough - Put my jacket on and sat and waited... Alot of people are stumbling onto the station at this time as you know - still blind drunk from clubbin it... some girl was spewing up on the other platform and falling asleep - and her friend is slapping her to wake her up... Some bloke is screaming at her from my platform - 'is she al-rite? Yo is ur friend alright' - 'you drunk?' ' you need ambulance'?... The guy is acting like a complete wanka... But anyway, another couple comes up to my platform and drops themselves on the seats beside me and fall asleep... and Im getting there myself - tired as heck... But cant sleep of course because of the wanka going from person to person telling them to 'wake up aye' 'dont you know your train comes in 15minutes?' And Im thinking to myself - if this retart comes near me I swear... So Im being cautious and remaining awake... Next thing you know - the idiot is leaning over the couple sleeping beside me... literally shaking them to wake up - Im now thinking he's gonna get bashed by this bloke whos asleep hey - but nope - they werent bothered... Then, the dude looks at me - I look away like - f' this, now he's gonna annoy the shss outta me???? Oh mate - whyyyyy... Anyway, he sits down next to me; stares at me and says... hello... I seen you lookin at me... You must think Im a dickhead aye??? I then smile - tried not to... and said Yeah, I think I may? Started to ignore him again - before he then said - do you want me to go away? I then looked at him - blankly and said - could you please... Then for 5 minutes he was like do you want me to go away now... Or now... When the train comes... Or now??? I was like, so not in the mood to talk shss to him hey - so I said 'look Im not in the mood okay - I dont want to talk to you'??? Then a freight train went by - loudly speedin passed... And he stopped talkin for that 1 minute it took for the train to disappear... All of sudden out of the blue... He looks at me again but this time he asks... If you had a gun [noise]... If you had a gun, would you kill someone? I was like - Umm... Noo, because I dont kill people??? Then he's like... Why not its fun - I just looked at him - kinda froze a bit... And I said... How the f' is it fun... N he goes - it just is... So Im like... Have you ever killed anyone (this guy was not drug affected or intoxicated btw) And he goes 'yeah... well not really... I helped... Like I told him how to kill her... (by this time - Im hiding so much fear hey) so I said to him... okay then... What was her name - he didnt say anything... I go - how old was she, what did she look like - did you know her? He looks down and goes... Yeah she was 20 years old... I loved her... She killed me... my heart... so I kinda killed her... or got her killed... she lived in (suburb)... this bloke was dead serious... So I kept talkin to him about this until my train came - all thoughout the conversation - he kept lookin at me crazily... I was praying on the inside the whole time... Soon as my train came - I waited till it stopped in front of me and got on where the most people were sitting... scard and still quivering... soon as I got picked up from my station - told mum what had happened and rang the Police when I got home... Gave them a full description of the bloke, told them everything he told me - they seemed clued on to the story I told them... Next morning I woke to do the usual things cleaning, study, get ready for work - just about forgot about what happened... Then started watching TV... The boys were watching the footy... When a news update came on - Police arrest a guy for harrasing Police... and I swear from the head down - this guy fit the description I gave Cops... I was like... Now thats what I call policing... Anyway... Havent heard nothing since - but will update if I do...
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Thanx... I was kinda shocked the next day hey??? And yeah, still havent heard anything though... But Im thinking by the way he told me what he did - he probably just would of fessed up to Police and gave them a full admission... I think he lost his mind some time ago hey??? Anything like that happen to you?

Great job! I like the way you handled this guy. If you'd freaked, you could have been his next victim. Or he may have started plotting for another. Not only did you possibly help solve a crime, you've probably diverted a future one! High fives to you!!