In Fact I Have Loads!

My husband finds PVC aprons incredibly erotic, he has done for years rather decades, but I have only just found out about it. So I started by tentativley buying him one the reaction was so good I got another five yesterday
! Even though this is my husbands fantasy I find them very erotic too, the rustle of them, the smell and the feel against bare flesh is very arousing. I was a little worried that I was stealig his fantasy and would in some way damage it for him, as it has always been secret and I wondered if the secrecy was part of the arousal, but he seems excited to share it with me and although I have changed it for him slightly ( i have sexualised it, he spent years trying to remove it from sex) it is still fun and we can explore the new areas together.
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Big turn on for me too the smell reminds me of baby pants that cover cloth diapers. If you have read any of my story's you'll see some good domme Mommy fantasy Ideas! Have fun!

He is one lucky guy. Keep him in aprons and he'll be putty in your hands. I find the shiny PVC pinny very naughty and always wear a few every day. My wife enjoys me wearing them and knows she has full control if she puts one on.